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"Instead, we smashed a major crime syndicate that had been terrorizing the Outer Rim for years."
―Magna Tolvan, in her case files[src]

Shortly after the infiltration of Hivebase-1, the Galactic Empire launched an attack on the Son-tuul Pride, led by Lieutenant-Inspector Magna Tolvan. The entirety of the mercenaries there were either killed or captured except for their leader 0-0-0 and his assailant BT-1 who pretended to be innocent droids caught in the crossfire. Tolvan then had Chelli Lona Aphra and Dek-Nil taken away to Accresker Jail.


"You've murdered legions of enemies--and almost as many allies. You've used dumb beasts as weapons and betrayed every kindness shown to you."
―0-0-0, to Chelli Aphra[src]

Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, Chelli Lona Aphra and her crew were hired to find the long lost memories of the Son-tuul Pride's leader, 0-0-0. They successfully infiltrated and destroyed the R&D hub of the Tarkin Initiative, Hivebase-1, to obtain it and Aphra returned to 0-0-0 soon after. 0-0-0 was delighted of her success. However he decided to taunt Aphra about her decisions to double cross her allies. Aphra tried to deny it but she gave in and 0-0-0 told her that love was murder.[1]

The battleEdit

"Kill anything with a weapon. Seize the rest."
―Magna Tolvan leads the attack[src]

As he began to leave the Son-tuul Pride audience room, 0-0-0 ordered his men to kill Aphra. However, the wall in front of him exploded and an overwhelming force of stormtroopers began gunning down 0-0-0's men, backed by three All Terrain Scout Transports. At the rear of them was Lieutenant-Inspector Magna Tolvan, who had tracked Aphra to Son-tuul. She ordered the stormtroopers to kill anyone with a weapon and seize the rest. 0-0-0 and his assailant, BT-1, scurried past the stormtroopers, claiming to be innocent droids, and escaped.[1]


"Say, uh--where are you taking me, oh needlessly cold Imperial tyrant?."
"Straight to hell, criminal. You're going to Accresker Jail."
―Aphra and Tolvan[src]

The battle ended soon after, with the surviving of 0-0-0's men being arrested. Tolvan ordered the deaths of their ring leaders. A stormtrooper then brought Aphra to her and Tolvan had Aphra put in Shuttle Six, under the name "Joystick Chevron", to be taken to Accresker Jail.[1] There, Aphra was forced to serve in their convict legion. She attempted to escape[2] twice, failing both times, and after Accresker command discovered a sentient fungus was in the prison, They had it decommissioned.[3]


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