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During the mission on the Colossus platform, Kazuda Xiono undertook a second mission into Doza Tower to try and find out how Captain Imanuel Doza might be colluding with the First Order. He was unwittingly assisted by Doza's daughter Torra, who had snuck out of the tower that day after her father had attempted to lock her in her room for her own protection while he had a meeting with the First Order's Commander Pyre.

While socializing with Torra, Kaz managed to obtain information about Doza's meeting with Commander Pyre from Doza's office. During the course of the mission, Kaz encountered his former acquaintance Jace Rucklin, who still held a grudge against him. Rucklin alerted Doza to the presence of an intruder in his office. While hiding inside Doza's office, Kaz discovered that the Captain was a former Imperial officer.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

In 34 ABY, the Resistance Captain Poe Dameron recruited the young New Republic pilot Kazuda Xiono as a spy. He assigned Kaz to the Colossus platform, a spaceport on the ocean world of Castilon. Poe tasked Kaz with finding out who was supplying the First Order with fuel and supplies. Poe managed to convince his old friend Jarek Yeager, who ran a repair business with looking after Kaz. To maintain his cover, Yeager hired Kaz as a mechanic.[5]

While stationed on the Colossus, Kaz managed to infiltrate Doza Tower, the headquarters and residence of Captain Imanuel Doza. He learned that the First Order was trying to coerce Captain Doza to make a deal with them. Kaz narrowly escaped being killed by First Order stormtroopers under the command of Major Elrik Vonreg.[6] Kaz later learnt about that the First Order had committed a massacre on the planet Tehar.[7]

During that period, the First Order conspired with Kragan Gorr's pirate gang, the Warbirds, into launching two raids on the Colossus. These attacks undermined public faith in Captain Doza's Ace Squadron and turbolaser defenses to defend the Colossus from pirates.[8][9] Following the second attack, Captain Doza decided to consider the First Order's offer to protect the Colossus. Doza's decision to cancel several races, a key component of the Colossus' economy, also made him unpopular with the residents.[3]

The mission[edit | edit source]

Befriending Torra Doza[edit | edit source]

Prior to his scheduled meeting with the First Order Commander Pyre, Captain Doza took precautions to keep his daughter Torra Doza safe by confining her to her room. Chafing under her father's restrictions, the savvy teenager managed to sneak out of her quarters. While exiting a secret exit that led to the Colossus marketplace, Torra bumped into Kaz and his companion droid BB-8. Kaz had been assigned by Poe with obtaining information linking Captain Doza to the First Order.[3]

At Torra's prompting, the two toured the marketplace but cut their visit short after Torra received hostility from the merchants and customers who were dissatisfied with her father's management of the Colossus. Torra then invited Xiono up to the tower to play Flight Simulator Squadron. Shortly later, Commander Pyre arrived on an Upsilon-class command shuttle.[3]

Inside Doza Tower, Kaz, Torra, and BB-8 visited the Aces' Lounge where the Aces were socializing. Kaz also encountered his former racer friend Jace Rucklin, who had taken up a hospitality job due to the loss of his racer.[3] Rucklin held a grudge against Kaz for the loss of his racer, which he blamed Kaz for despite the fault being entirely his own.[10]

The life of a spy[edit | edit source]

As the three headed to Torra's room, they saw Commander Pyre handing Captain Doza a datapad with the details of the offer, which he gave to his droid 4D-M1N to place in his office. He sought to convince Captain Doza to allow the First Order to set up a presence on the Colossus to defend the platform from pirates. Kaz and BB-8 decided that they needed to obtain the information inside the datapad for the Resistance.[3]

Inside Torra's room, Kaz and Torra played Flight Simulator Squadron. However, their game was interrupted by 4D-M1N, who had come to check on Torra. Kaz managed to hide but the droid spotted BB-8 and identified the droid as an intruder. Torra managed to deactivated 4D's attack mode. With 4D distracted with Torra's pet voorpak Buggles, Kaz and BB-8 sneaked out of Torra's room and headed to Captain Doza's office. Kaz entered the office while BB-8 kept watch outside. However, Kaz was witnessed entering the room by Rucklin, who reported his presence to Captain Doza.[3]

Inside Doza's empty office, Kaz managed to download the contents of the datapad into a memory stick. After BB-8 alerted him that Captain Doza and Rucklin had entered the turbolift, Kaz hid in a closet. While Rucklin tried to convince Doza that he had seen Kaz enter the office, Kaz discovered an Imperial officer's uniform inside the closet and realized that Doza had been a Captain in the "Old Empire". Seeking to conceal his past identity, Doza chastised Rucklin for wasting his time and ushered him out of the office.[3]

Exfiltration[edit | edit source]

Before Captain Doza could search the closet himself, his daughter Torra entered the room and inquired about the deal with the First Order. After the Dozas had left, Kaz exited the office through the turbolift and entrance and met up with BB-8. Kaz informed BB-8 that Captain Doza was a former Imperial officer and was now working for the First Order.[3]

Before Kaz and BB-8 could make their way out of Doza Tower, they encountered Torra, who offered to help him sneak out in return for explaining what he was doing in her father's office. Kaz offered to tell the truth at Aunt Z's Tavern. She helped Kaz and BB-8 exit Doza Tower through the trash incinerator. There, they narrowly avoided being incinerated with the rubbish.[3]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

As a result of his second mission to Doza Tower, Kaz discovered that Captain Doza was a former Imperial officer and came to believe that he was colluding with the First Order. After Kaz, Torra, and BB-8 escaped the trash incinerator, Torra demanded to know whether Kaz was a spy. He claimed that he had quit the New Republic Defense Fleet to become a racer. Though Torra outwardly accepted his story, she was privately skeptical and wondered who he really was.[3]

Later, Kaz presented a copy of the First Order's proposal to Captain Dameron while on a mission to Station Theta Black.[2] Doza ultimately decided to accept First Order protection after the Warbirds staged a kidnapping attempt against his daughter Torra.[11]

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