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"Getting old, perhaps I am...After so many years of relative peace, troubles me does a threat like this. Fly into danger, they do...But face uncertainty also do we who remain"

The second mission to the Yinchorri system in 33 BBY was a Jedi mission sent to the Yinchorri system following the deaths of the Jedi Naeshahn and her Padawan Ebor Taulk, who had been sent to investigate Yinchorri aggression against the neighboring systems.


Mace Windu briefing Jedi Yinchorri

Mace Windu briefing the Jedi on Coruscant.

The Jedi mission consisted of twelve Jedi and was made up of three groups, each assigned with a Consular-class space cruiser since there were only three habitable worlds in the system.

Mace Windu, Saesee Tiin, Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi were assigned with visiting the harsh Yinchorri homeworld of Yinchorr while Adi Gallia, Eeth Koth, Tsui Choi and Theen Fida were assigned to the ocean world of Yitheeth. Plo Koon, Micah Giiett, Lilit Twoseas and K'Kruhk were sent to Yibikkoror, a tiny world with a dense atmosphere. All three groups would search for a rumored Yinchorri command center.

The missionEdit

Having jumped out of hyperspace and arrived at the Yinchorri system, they were immediately attacked by Yinchorri starfighters. The Jedi were disadvantaged since their cruisers were unarmed.

On Adi Gallia's cruiser, the Tholothain Jedi would admit that she wished the cruisers were armed. Tsui Choi would reply by saying that it was spoken by the daughter of a diplomat. Their cruiser than succeeded in destroying two of the fighter by tricking a third into destroying them before proceeding to Yitheeth.

Mission to the Yinchorri system2

A Yinchorri starfighter firing on an escape pod.

Meanwhile on Mace Windu's cruiser, the enemy fighter disabled its shields though its occupants evaded capture thanks to Saesee Tinn, who made a jump into hyperspace past a planet. To their Yinchorri pursuers, it appeared that their target had made a jump into hyperspace through the planet. By the time they found out, it was too late since the cruiser had headed to Yinchorr.

At Micah Giiett's cruiser, having failed to shake off their Yinchorri pursuers, the Whiphid K'Kruhk proposed to the other Jedi that they trick the Yinchorri into thinking that they had left the cruiser by releasing all the escape pods and the salon pod. The plan worked perfectly and the Yinchorri fighters went after them, allowing the cruiser to evade them and land at a floating platform on gassy Yibikkoror. The Jedi barely escaped their Yinchorri pursuers, though they all managed to reach their destinations.


On Yitheeth and Yibikkoror, after brief confrontations with Yinchorri warriors, the two groups realized that the command center was not on their planet. Tsui Choi's group traveled to Yibikkoror, and picked up the other group, which was having trouble fighting the Yinchorri.


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