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As part of the First Order's attempts to take over the Colossus platform, Kragan Gorr and his pirate gang launched a second raid on the platform, some time after their first attempt. Due to the gang's spy, Synara San, informing Gorr that the Ace Squadron was off-platform and the targeting computer for the platform's defense turbolasers was down, Gorr and his gang were able to do much more damage than in their first attack.

The pirates were forced to retreat when Jarek Yeager and Kazuda Xiono of Team Fireball, who had been hired to fix the computer, were able to reinstall it, allowing Captain Imanuel Doza to activate the defenses and repel the pirates. However, the damage from the attack forced Doza to reconsider the First Order's offer of protection for the platform, contacting Commander Pyre to ask about the details of the offer.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

In 34 ABY, the Resistance pilots Poe Dameron and Kazuda Xiono rescued Synara San from a Kowakian ape-lizard aboard a Darius G-class freighter in the Castilon system's sector 6. Unknown to them, she was a member of pirate Kragan Gorr's Warbird gang, who were in league with the First Order.[1] She subsequently found work in the Colossus' loading docks as a salvage worker but maintained contact with Kragan.[3]

Later, Captain Imanuel Doza hired Jarek Yeager's Team Fireball to repair the Colossus' turbolaser cannon system's tracking computer. The station was defenseless because its resident starfighter squadron Ace Squadron was escorting an important fuel shipment. While repairing the tracking computer, Neeku Vozo discovered that they were missing a CoMar Tri-Tracker chip. Yeager sent Kaz and Tamara Ryvora to obtain the tri-tracker chip but told his crew to keep it a secret.[3]

Kaz and Tam visited Synara in the loading docks. Synara managed to obtain a tri-tracker chip from a sunken cruiser. Kaz and Tam returned to Yeager's repairs and proceeded to install the chip into the tracking computer. Captain Doza demanded that Yeager's team repair the tracking computer within the hour. Meanwhile, Synara discovered that the turbolaser defense system was online and conveyed this information to Kragan's lieutenant Drell. Synara also managed to gain Kaz's trust by providing power couplings and distract Tam by befriending her.[3]

The raid[edit | edit source]

Caught by surprise[edit | edit source]

By the next hour, Team Fireball had fallen behind schedule and had not yet installed the tracking computer into the turbolaser system. Shortly later, members of the Warbirds arrived on speeder bikes and began harrying pedestrians in the Colossus marketplace and loading docks. As fighting erupted, Tam and Kaz's companion droid BB-8 returned to the loading docks to find her friend Synara while Yeager and Kaz ferried the tracking computer in a repulsorlift to the turbolaser system.[3]

Traveling to the loading docks, Tam and Kaz rammed their cargo sled into the path of a pirate dressed in stormtrooper armor, knocking him down. Meanwhile, Captain Doza dispatched two security squads to the loading docks. Tam and Kaz soon arrived at the loading dock. Leoz tried to attack Tam, but she tackled him to the ground. Tam then hurled the Hassk pirate Snarl against a crate before fighting the Trandoshan pirate Skreek.[3]

Meanwhile, Kaz and Yeager traveled to the turbolaser platform but were attacked by a speeder bike carrying Kragan and another Hassk pirate. Kaz and Yeager managed to fight their way to the turbolaser platform but Kragan arrived with pirates on two speeder bikes, determined to stop them from fixing the computer. Kaz and Yeager fought another Trandoshan and Hassk pirate.[3]

Fighting on two fronts[edit | edit source]

As the fighting continued, Yeager managed to throw the Hassk pirate off the platform and re-enter the repulsorlift vehicle. Yeager used the repulsorlift vehicle to knock out the Trandoshan who was attacking Kaz. Yeager then struggled to load the tracking computer into the repulsorlift platform but was attacked by Kragan. Yeager and Kaz's first attempt to load the tracking computer failed due to a misalignment.[3]

Meanwhile, at the loading docks, Tam managed to fight off Skreek and found Synara huddling by a crate. A Hassk pirate tried to shoot Tam but Synara knocked him out with a punch. Synara expressed relief that her friend had come to rescue her. Back at the repulsorlift computer, Kaz struggled to realign the tracking computer with a vibroblade. Despite opposition from Kragan, Yeager managed to push the tracking computer a second time into the repulsorlift platform, reactivating the tracking system.[3]

With the tracking computer re-installed, Captain Doza was able to activate the gun turrets and open fire on the pirate ships, shooting one of them. Lacking the means to counter the gun turrets, Kragan ordered a retreat and the pirates fled in their ships.[3]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Kragan's Warbirds not only managed to steal some food and supplies during their raid but also prompted Captain Doza to reconsider Commander Pyre's offer to station a First Order garrison at the Colossus for "protection." Yeager and Kaz realized that the timing of the pirate raid with the departure of Ace Squadron on an escort mission was no coincidence. Kaz came to suspect that the pirates had a spy on the Colossus. Due to the events at the loading platform, Synara came to gain Tam's trust and the two became friends. However, BB-8 remained suspicious of her true motives and agenda.[3]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The second attack on the Colossus first appeared in the Star Wars Resistance Season One episode "Synara's Score", which premiered on November 18, 2018.

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