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In about 19 BBY, shortly after the conclusion of the Clone Wars, the Sith student Len Markus traveled to the Heart Tree on the planet Cularin to search for the Eye of the Sun, an ancient Jedi artifact. However, he and his force of mercenaries were confronted by a group of freelance agents that sought to destroy the Darkstaff, a sentient Sith artifact that had possessed Markus and was guiding his actions. Markus used the staff to summon 12 Kilassin, a species of large lizard, to fight for him, and he then engaged the agents in combat. However, the summoning of the creatures created an imbalance in the Force and in response, the Heart Tree called upon a giant Kilassin to fight on behalf of the agents. The Heroes of Cularin eventually defeated Markus' forces and one of the agents voluntarily sacrificed themselves to the Darkstaff and channeled the light side of the Force into it, which destroyed the artifact.


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