"Secrets and Holograms" is the tenth episode of the first season of the animated television series Star Wars Resistance. The episode premiered on December 2, 2018.

Official description[]

While Captain Doza meets with the First Order, Torra, Kaz, and BB-8 sneak around on their own secret mission.[3]

Plot summary[]

Daughter and father[]

The episode opens with Torra Doza playing the flight simulator game Flight Simulator Squadron. Despite her efforts, her starfighter gets eaten by an exogorth. A frustrated Torra lies on the floor, and her pet voorpak Buggles leaps on her. Torra cuddles her pet and says they have got to get out of Doza Tower for a few hours. Torra proposes talking her father Captain Imanuel Doza into going on a hover cruise.

At his office, Captain Doza asks what is taking them so long. Torra and Buggles then enter the room. When Doza asks his daughter if everything is okay, Torra says that everything is completely fine. While lying down on the couch with Buggles resting on her stomach, Torra sarcastically says she likes hanging out in her room alone.

Captain Doza responds that at least he is still allowing her to fly. He tells her that it is getting dangerous out there, far more dangerous than it has been. Captain Doza says it is not just pirates. Torra replies that she knows whom he is talking about. She tells her father that ever since "they" have been coming around he has changed and become overprotective of her. Torra tells her dad that she is an Ace pilot and has battled pirates and marauders.

Captain Doza warns her that the First Order is far worse than any pirate. Torra replies that she is going down to the marketplace. Her dad counters that whatever she needs can be delivered to her. When Torra says that she needs to go out and breathe fresh air, Doza counters that she has a balcony. He says that the restrictions are in place until the First Order is gone and promises to go on a hover cruise with her once business has been settled. Torra tells her father that he has made too many promises and says that she is sick of this tower and Colossus station.

Escaping the gilded cage[]

Captain Doza is unable to stop his daughter and Buggles from leaving but tasks 4D-M1N with keeping an eye on her for the next few hours. He orders 4D to keep Torra away from "them." 4D says she will comply with her master's orders. Once 4D has left, Captain Doza contacts Commander Pyre by holographic projector. After exchanging pleasantries, Commander Pyre tells Doza to prepare the tower docking bay and says they will be there within the hour.

Following Torra and her pet Buggles into Torra's bedroom, 4D tells Torra that she cannot let her leave for the next 3.5 hours. When Torra says that she is supposed to be on patrol duty in an hour, 4D responds that Griff Halloran and Freya Fenris will cover her shift until the First Order leaves. Torra then says that Buggles needs to go out and that they don't want him making a mess all over the place. 4D says she will take the creature out herself but will be locking the door for her own safety until she returns.

After 4D has left, Torra unlocks her door with the passcode, which she has worked out. While sneaking through the corridor, she captures the attention of Buggles, who barks for her. 4D orders Torra to stop but is distracted when Buggles urinates on the floor, leaving a purple pool. Torra thanks Buggles while 4D remarks that was disgusting.

Crossing paths[]

Elsewhere, Resistance spy Kazuda Xiono and BB-8 are walking through the Colossus marketplace. Kaz has received orders from Poe Dameron to find any information connecting Doza to the First Order. Kaz asks BB-8 if he has any ideas of getting into Doza Tower. BB-8 leads Kaz to the shipping and receiving door. BB-8 unlocks the door terminal only for Kaz to bump into Torra Doza. Torra is surprised to see Kaz and Kaz claims that he was going to deliver some ship parts to Hype Fazon. Torra tells him to do that later and invites him to have some fun. She leads him away from the door. BB-8 is forced to follow.

At the Colossus marketplace, Torra pokes her head from behind a crate and says the coast is clear. Kaz asks if she is in trouble, and Torra replies that father wants her to stay in her room while he speaks to the First Order. As Torra inspects some bowls in the marketplace, Kaz asks her what the First Order is about. Torra replies that the First Order is something to do with the recent pirate attacks and says that they want to help clean out the sector. She guesses that the pirates have been raiding their ships too.

Torra takes an interest in an antique and asks the furry alien stall owner how much. He says it costs five credits and recognizes her as Captain Doza's daughter. He raises the price to 20 credits. Torra declines to buy the antique, but the merchant counters that she can afford it. Just then, Torra is spotted by the Nautolan Namua and the Theelin Jooks.

Torra tries to be friendly with them. Jooks asks her what is the deal with those pirate attacks while Namua asks why Doza cancelled another race. Bolza Grool then confronts her about rumors that Captain Doza will impose a curfew. Kaz springs to her defense and tells them to give her some room. Grool growls at Kaz, and he tells Torra and BB-8 to retreat from the market.

Commander Pyre arrives[]

On the deck, Kaz suggests that they get back to Doza Tower before the First Order arrives. Torra says that it sounds great but she says they are too late, pointing to a descending Upsilon-class command shuttle. The shuttle flies over the Colossus towards the Tower's docking bay.

Kaz asks how is the First Order going to help with those pirates. Torra says that if father signs the agreement the First Order will patrol the platform. She grumbles that the only flying she will get to do is playing Flight Simulator Squadron. Kaz is excited to learn that Torra has Flight Simulator Squadron. She replies that she has all three of them and invites him for a game and some food at the Ace lounge as well. Kaz tells BB-8 that this is their ticket inside.

At Doza Tower, Commander Pyre and two stormtroopers enter Captain Doza's office. Captain Doza welcomes Commander Pyre back to the Colossus. He asks Doza is he has considered his offer and warns that it won't last long. Captain Doza says he has questions and asks how many stormtroopers will be stationed here. Pyre responds that there will be enough to stave off any pirate raid. He adds that his soldiers are far more equipped for the job than Doza's Aces. When Captain Doza asks when the stormtroopers will leave after the pirate threat is abated, Pyre says it is difficult to out a timeline to this due to the unpredictability of pirates.

Sneaking back home[]

Meanwhile, Torra and Kaz sneak back into the Tower's corridors, bypassing a pair of security droids. Torra also pushes Kaz into a corridor, narrowly avoiding another pair of security droids. When Kaz asks why they are sneaking around, Torra replies that she snuck out and has to sneak back in. They then enter a corridor to avoid a pair of security droids.

Torra leads Kaz into the Ace lounge, where the Ace pilots Hype Fazon, Bo Keevil, Freya Fenris, and Griff Halloran are socializing. The Aces notice Torra and her guests. Freya asks Torra what is going on with her father and asks why he has been so secretive of late. Torra says he is fine but has been too busy, adding even for her lately.

Griff says that Captain Doza better get the races going again since it has been too long since they have seen some action. Torra finds Kaz stuffing his face with several fruits including a meiloorun fruit. A disgusted Torra tells him to take as much as he wants. Hype recounts how he won the Sublight Star Five Million race to Keevil. Hype asks for another round from the bartender Jace Rucklin.

Rucklin spots Kaz and demands to know what he is doing here. At that point, Hype demands where is his bantha milk. When Kaz asks Rucklin what he is doing here, Rucklin angrily replies that he has to work a side job to get a new racer to replace the one that he destroyed. Rucklin vows to get even with Kaz. Hype reiterates his demand and Rucklin rushes to serve Hype.

The First Order's offer[]

Torra suggests that they leave and remarks that this place is starting to reek. The three head down a corridor towards Torra's room only to find Doza conferring with Commander Pyre. Pyre tells Doza that this agreement will allow the First Order to secure both his platform and the skies. He promises to find these pirates and eliminate them. Captain Doza notices some movement as Torra, Kaz, and BB-8 sneak away.

Doza says he will need time to review. Commander Pyre warns him not to take too long because they expect his answer soon. Doza tells 4D to take the datapad to his office and says that he will see Commander Pyre out. Kaz tells BB-8 that they need that datapad and asks if he has a plan yet. BB-8 shakes his head.

Juggling friendship and spying[]

As Doza leads Commander Pyre and his men out, Kaz tries to enter Doza's office but Torra tells him not that way because that is her dad's office. Torra brings Kaz and BB-8 into her room where they are greeted by Buggles. Buggles takes an interest in BB-8 and chases him around the room. Kaz is impressed that Torra has the latest simulators but she says that they start to get boring.

Torra says that she thought being an Ace would be different but laments that things have changed. The only thing that cheers Torra up is her pet Buggles. Kaz sympathizes with Torra's loneliness since there are not a lot of people her age here. He says they are friends and jokes about crushing her at that flight simulator. Torra says she can't wait to see Kaz try and puts Buggles aside.

Torra lowers the curtains and the two play a game on the flight simulator. As they compete, Kaz jokes that she can't beat him because he is the best pilot in the galaxy. As the two approach an exogorth in the game, the door monitor indicates a visitor and Torra tells Kaz to hide.

4D enters the room and is relieved to find Torra is back. BB-8 wheels out and 4D enters into intruder mode. Torra and Buggles block 4D's path with Torra telling her that BB-8 is not an intruder. Torra manages to deactivate 4D's intruder mode. 4D relents but tells Torra that her father warned he off possible droid spies and that you can never be too sure with a ball droid. Kaz takes the opportunity to sneak out off the room.

Kaz almost trips but BB-8 manages to distract 4D by rolling on the floor. While 4D picks up Buggles, Torra whispers a thanks to BB-8 and bids him farewell. BB-8 and Kaz head to Captain Doza's office, avoiding a pair of security droids. BB-8 manages to open the door long enough for Kaz to enter Captain Doza's office. A passing Rucklin notices Kaz and BB-8.

Uncovering Doza's secret[]

At the landing platform, Rucklin catches up with Captain Doza as he is ushering Pyre and his stormtroopers aboard their shuttle. Rucklin tells Doza that he needs to talk to him about an important matter. An annoyed Doza says he is in the midst of showing his guests off. Commander Pyre asks if there is a problem but the Captain says that it is nothing he cannot handle and bids Pyre and his men farewell. Doza then attends to Rucklin.

Returning to Doza Tower, Rucklin tells Captain Doza that someone has broken into his office and that he saw them himself. Rucklin and Doza head to the office. Meanwhile, Kaz searches Doza's desk and drawers for the datapad containing the agreement with the First Order. He manages to find the datapad and begins downloading the data into a memory stick.

BB-8 is keeping watch and warns Kaz that Captain Doza and Rucklin are coming. BB-8 hides as Doza and Rucklin enter a turbolift. Kaz finishes downloading the information and puts the datapad back in the drawer. He then sees the lift panel glow and hides behind Doza's desk. Kaz accidentally presses a remote which opens the door to Doza's closet.

Kaz sees an Imperial officer's tunic inside the closet and hides inside just as the lift doors open. Captain Doza and Rucklin enter the office. When Captain Doza asks about the intruder, Rucklin says he saw Kazuda Xiono sneaking in here. When Doza asks where is he, Rucklin reiterates that he is hiding. Meanwhile, a frightened Kaz stares at Doza's Imperial officer's uniform. Rucklin tries to open Captain Doza's closet. However, Doza stops him and tells the boy to make himself useful by emptying his trash. An ominous Captain Doza watches as Rucklin enters the lift carrying the trash.

Escaping the incinerator[]

Doza is about to open the door to his closet when his daughter Torra enters and tells her father that the Aces want to speak to him. Doza wants to hold off the meeting but Torra tells him that the Aces want to know what is going on with this deal. She tells him that they have the right to know. Doza concedes and tells his daughter she is quite right and walks out with her. The two enter the lift. Torra smiles but is uncomfortable with her dad.

Kaz exits the closet. He panics when the lift doors open again but is relieved to find BB-8. Kaz shows BB-8 Doza's old Imperial uniform. Kaz tells BB-8 that Doza used to be in the Empire and is now working with the First Order. Kaz surmises that Doza was shady but thinks that this revelation is really bad.

Later, Kaz and BB-8 exit the lift. They avoid the security droids on patrol and hide behind a corner. However, Kaz is surprised by Torra, who offers to help him sneak out after he explains why he was in her dad's office. Kaz says he will tell her the truth at Aunt Z's Tavern. Torra tells her to follow him to a secret entrance where there are no guards.

As Torra keys in the passcode, Kaz asks if she has done it before. She says no but it should be safe. In the darkness, Kaz asks if this is the trash compactor, but Torra tells him that it is the trash incinerator. She tells him to relax and asks if it is the third day of the second cycle. Kaz points out that it is actually the third cycle. The three narrowly avoid laser bolts which rain down on the scrap metal and rubbish.

Kaz tells BB-8 to get that door open. BB-8 dodges laser bolts and heavy machinery. Torra manages to calm Kaz by telling him that it is like a hologame. While Kaz and Torra dodge lasers and machinery, BB-8 manages to reach the door control panel and opens the door. However, he also comes under "attack" from lasers.

Outside, Rucklin hurls some trash down the chute into the trash incinerator. The trash canister scatters above Kaz and Torra. BB-8 manages to hold the door open long enough for all three of them to escape the trash incinerator. Outside, Kaz breathes a sigh of relief and says it was too close. Torra adds that they almost died before jumping up and saying that was amazing.

Maintaining his cover[]

She helps Kaz up and asks him why exactly he was in her father's office. Kaz claims that he wanted to see how the other half lives but Torra gives a disbelieving look. Torra tells him to be honest and asks if Kaz is a spy. Kaz denies being a spy. Torra replies that her father found out that he used to be a pilot for the New Republic. She adds that she keeps a close eye on her father's business. Torra asks what Kaz is doing here. Kaz says he is not a spy and claims that he quit the New Republic Navy to become a racer. BB-8 nods his head. Torra tells him that he better go. Kaz thanks her but Torra says that the thanks belongs to him.

After parting company, Torra heads back to her room, where she is greeted by Buggles. Torra pats Buggles. Just then, Captain Doza enters the room and hugs his daughter. He asks if she is ready for their hover cruise and says it will be nice to get her out of her room. Torra replies that will be nice for sure. Buggles barks in approval. Doza tells her gently to hurry along and Torra says she will be ready. Alone in her room with Buggles, she asks who Kaz really is.


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  • Created by – Dave Filoni
  • Based on Star Wars created by – George Lucas
  • Developed by – Dave Filoni, Kiri Hart, Carrie Beck
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  • Executive Producer – Dave Filoni
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  • Rights and clearances by – Entertainment Clearances, Inc., Cassandra Barbour, Laura Sevier


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