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"Secrets of Sienar" is a comic strip written by Martin Fisher, drawn by Eva Widermann and edited by Gunther Nickel. The story was published in the thirteenth issue of the Star Wars Rebels Magazine series by Egmont UK Ltd, which was released in December 30, 2015.



Notes and references[]

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  2. An email from Martin Fisher, author of "Secrets of Sienar," to Wookieepedian LelalMekha reveals that "Secrets of Sienar" takes place between "Relics of the Old Republic" and "Always Two There Are". According to Star Wars: Scum and Villainy: Case Files on the Galaxy's Most Notorious, in the year 7973 C.R.C., Ketsu Onyo resigned from the Black Sun. It also dates the Battle of Scarif to 7977 C.R.C., four years after Onyo's resignation, and Helmet Collection logo small.png Star Wars Helmet Collection 79 (Highlights of the Saga: The Battle of Scarif) dates the Battle of Scarif to 0 BBY. Therefore, it can be calculated that 7973 C.R.C. is equal to 4 BBY. Since Onyo states in "Blood Sisters" that she currently works for the Black Sun, that episode must occur by 4 BBY. Additionally, Star Wars: Galactic Atlas dates Star Wars Rebels: The Siege of Lothal to 4 BBY. Since Relics of the Old Republic" and "Always Two There Are" occur after The Siege of Lothal but before the events of "Blood Sisters," it can be concluded that these episodes, as well as "Secrets of Sienar", take place in 4 BBY.