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Sector Command was a department of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, headed by the Chief of Sector Command. Sector Command was in charge of the various Alliance Sector Forces throughout the galaxy, coordinating their efforts and activities. Hundreds of personnel and droids staffed Sector Command, and it was one of the largest departments in the Alliance. Sector Command was also responsible for creating and installing new Sector Forces on planets without established rebel activity, providing the core of trained officers and staff required to run the Sector Force until recruited natives were in place to take over.

Sector Command did not attempt to micro-manage the thousands of Sector Forces in the Alliance, instead focusing their efforts on providing overall tactical and strategic guidance. Direct involvement in a Sector Force was only considered if the sector was of vital importance. In those instances, especially when Sector Forces were required to work in conjunction with the Alliance Forces, Sector Command would pull rank to ensure that operations proceeded smoothly.

The Supreme Allied Commanders and Commander-in-Chief would issue generalized orders to Sector Command, which were in turn passed on to the individual Sector Forces who then decided on the best course of action to achieve the required objectives. Despite having a massive communications system in place, orders from Sector Command could sometimes take weeks to reach their destinations. In cases were operations were vital, Sector Command would authorize an independent Command Group to take command.



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