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"The Wheel's sanctuary is a courtesy of the Empire. As the Empire's chief representative in this sector, I elect to withdraw that courtesy-- until our troopers find and slay every being on that freighter!"
―Sector Commander Zertik Strom[src]

Sector Commander was a title held by Imperial personnel responsible for the military forces in a sector. Eventually, as the Rebel Alliance grew in power, its leadership appointed sector commanders in liberated areas.[1]


An average sector commander in the Empire had one or more Super Star Destroyers as part of his or her military assets.[1] A sector commander was one of the top-ranking officers allowed a full Imperial Order of Battle.[2] Zertik Strom was a sector commander of the military forces in the sector containing the Besh Gorgon system and the Wheel.[3] At some point, the Alliance to Restore the Republic began to appoint sector commanders in regions of space that they controlled. One such commander was Callus, who oversaw the Mortex sector.



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