In 37 ABY, the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances passed the Sector Defense Limits, which limited military forces and their capabilities.[1] The Alliance used the credits and military units of its member worlds to defend its far-flung holdings and to rebuild a devastated galactic capital of Coruscant, while simultaneously placing restrictions on the member worlds' abilities to strike trade agreements and defend their own interests. Powerful economic worlds such as Corellia pressured the Galactic Alliance Senate for a loosening of central authority,[2] and the Alliance found enforcing the limits to be quite the challenge. They kept on political pressure of their own and investigated rumors of determined sectors arming themselves,[1] but the Corellians nevertheless built a secret fleet[2] while publicly arguing that the Sector Defense Limits prevented member states from adequately defending themselves in a dangerous age.[1] The Alliance attempted to use force to quash a Corellian insurrection, but other planetary governments joined the Corellians' cause, and the Second Galactic Civil War began.[2]



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