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Sector Plexus was a bureau within Imperial Intelligence. Sector Plexus was a decentralized, dispersed bureau that handled 99.95 percent of all communications generated by Intelligence. The Sector Plexus was responsible for coding, categorizing, transmitting, storing, receiving and decoding messages from across the galaxy. Sector Plexus stations are located throughout the galaxy; they are small installations which bely the amount of data they deal with on a daily basis, and their hidden locations are the primary method of security.[1]

Sector Plexus was responsible for assigning each agent or branch office with its code numbers and sequence, as well as the PSEGs required to send, receive, and read Imperial Intelligence scandocs. Messages sent through the Sector Plexus were transmitted on multiple conduits. This method of parallel transmission ensured that the message would reach its intended destination even if enemy agents destroyed a few of the conduits. In addition, the message continued to be transmitted after reaching its final destination, making tracking the sender or recipient of the message almost impossible. When multiple copies of a message were transmitted and received, some of which may have been damaged in transit through enemy action or natural occurrence, Sector Plexus computers assembled the message and compared all version to create a near-as perfect copy of the original message.[1]



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