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"The entire Imperial sector fleet has the planet in a blockade."
Hera Syndulla, on Lothal's sector fleet's blockade[src]

The Anoat sector fleet

A sector fleet was a type of fleet in the Galactic Empire[1] and the rebellion that proceeded the Rebel Alliance that was located and operated in a specific sector, which were referred to as Alliance sector fleets. Phoenix Cell was one such Alliance sector fleet, which was sent to Mustafar[2] in 4 BBY[3] to assist in rescuing the Spectres from the Empire.[2]

In the Imperial Navy, the Lothal sector fleet was commanded by Admiral Kassius Konstantine during the early rebellion against the Galactic Empire and Galactic Civil War, and was located in Lothal sector. At that time, it blockaded the planet Lothal and hunted the rebel Phoenix Cell.[1] It was eventually deemed inadequate for this purpose by the Governor of the Lothal sector Arihnda Pryce, and the hunt of the rebels was reassigned to the Seventh Fleet.[4] The Anoat sector fleet was assigned to the Anoat sector following the Battle of Endor, and was responsible for the Iron Blockade of the entire sector under Governor Ubrik Adelhard.[5]

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