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The Security Chief was a job in the planet Lamaredd. Officially the Chief of Security of the mining interests of Outer Rim Oreworks on that planet, the Security Chief was also the constable of the nearby fishing settlement of Bartyn's Landing serving as the primary police officer.


C. 529 BBY, Hugo Bartyn, an agent of the Outer Rim Oreworks corporation, became the Administrator of their mines in the remote planet Lamaredd. ORO provided Bartyn with a land for his personal use, and he built Bartyn's Landing, a coastal city, there. Bartyn secretly intended to create a community of fishermen and profit with the business of seafood, without giving a part of his incomes to ORO. At the same time, he continued managing the mine and giving ORO a good profit.[1]

Having succeede in creating a thriving seafood company, Bartyn Gourmet Delicacies, Bartyn skimmed ORO from several assets including key planetary locations. He also seized the budget of Security and Law Enforcement, a division from ORO, and manipulated it so that ORO would pay the salary of the Security Chief of Bartyn's Landing. The Chief could name official Security Chief's Seconds, and ORO would also pay them. Although the responsabilities of the Chief were to the city, the Chief answered to the Administrator of the mine.[1]

When ORO discovered that Bartyn had been creating his own fief in Lamaredd, it was too late to revoke most of his changes. Nonetheless, ORO took control of the local spaceport and staffed it with a crew of guards, creating a separated community where the Chief had no authority.[1]

C. 69 BBY, Mix Liddell replaced Ertine as the Chief and remained in the job for forty years. In that time, he was considered the best Security Chief that the Landing had ever had.[1]


The Chief was the local constable of Bartyn's Landing, although his or her specific duties would depend on the environment. Should an outlaw or gang threaten the peace, the Chief was supposed to stop any raid, sometimes organizing a posse.[1] In case of open conflict with a different community, the Chief would help the Administrator fortifying the city, even if it stopped the police from looking after local crime.[2]

The Chief was also supposed to hunt dangerous animals or packs of them should they be close to the outskirts of the town; map the nearby area; mediate any dispute; and track lost pets.[1]

Conditions of the jobEdit

Although the Chief was supposedly a branch of ORO, the person holding the rank was popularly elected by the town council — in elections that were prone to corruption. The job was held until the Chief decided to forfeit it or was unable to continue serving. As the Chief worked for ORO, he or she could not be a member of the Sailor's Union at the same time.[1]



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