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"As I've told your parents, you're not in trouble. In fact, you're to be commended for alerting the Security Ministry to a potential insurrection. I just need you to come with me and tell us what you saw. It's to assist our investigation."
―Piers Roddance to Zare Leonis regarding the Westhills bombing attempt[src]

The Security Ministry was a Galactic Empire government department that operated on the planet Lothal several years before the Battle of Yavin. The ministry oversaw security matters on the planet and maintained a headquarters in the planet's Capital City. Lieutenant Piers Roddance served as an official for this ministry. Following an bombing attempt in Lothal's Westhills, he questioned Zare Leonis regarding the incident at the Security Ministry. Later, in his capacity as a member of the ministry, he oversaw the massacre of protesting farmers.[1]


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