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The Security and Intelligence Council (SIC) also known as the Security Council was a Senate council of the Galactic Alliance. Its duties were to supervise the Galactic Alliance Intelligence Service, advise the Chief of State on matters of galactic and governmental security, and conduct special investigations. With a majority vote, the Council could also authorize special powers for security forces to take special measures including the internment of civilians without a trial. This power was used by Jacen Solo after the Council gave him a commission as a colonel and authorized the establishment of the Galactic Alliance Guard. Coruscant Senator G'vli G'Sil was the chairman during the Second Galactic Civil War.



Galactic Alliance Intelligence Community
Organizations Galactic Alliance Intelligence Service · Fleet Intelligence · Galactic Alliance Guard · Galactic Alliance Security
Governing Authority Security and Intelligence Council
Command Staff Director of Galactic Alliance Intelligence · Head of Galactic Alliance Security
Covert Sections Alpha Red · Wraith Squadron
Members Galactic Alliance Intelligence officer · Galactic Alliance Core Fleet Covert Agent · Intelligence Affiliate
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