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"Now we must leave, before more security droids arrive."
Sheev Palpatine[1]
A Sinister Peace SWDConv

A pair of KX-series security droids

Security droids,[2] also known as enforcer droids,[3] were a type of droid used for supervision and enforcement, often relying on brute strength.[2]

During the Battle of Jedha, Eiram's military made use of enforcer droids supplied by Tilson Graf, who in secret was partnered with the Mother of the Path of the Open Hand. Graf also supplied a shipment of enforcer droids to the Mother to protect the Path.[4] The Path of the Open Hand, which transformed into the Path of the Closed Fist, made use of enforcer droids during the Night of Sorrow.[5] During the Clone Wars, the term "security droid" commonly referred to the OOM-series security droid[1] used by the Trade Federation[6] and Confederacy of Independent Systems.[1] The KX-series was a security droid model used by the Galactic Empire.[7] The New Republic used N5 sentry droids and R1 Security Droids.[8]

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