A security platoon was a formation of 38 men attached to a battalion, regiment, or battlegroup headquarters in the Imperial Army. A security platoon was typically commanded by the staff officer responsible for the coordination of all support elements and headquarters security within the unit. They fell under the command of the unit's commanding officer in the event of an attack on the headquarters. Security platoons were considered to be support units, as they maintained order within their unit. Battlegroup headquarters typically had two security platoons.[1]


One notable exception in the imperial army was COMPNOR Regiments of CompForce. These units believed that a highly loyal and well trained unit of Compforce personnel would not require a security platoon, unlike supposedly traitorous standard imperial army personnel. This belief often made them very unpopular among the battalion and higher levels of army command, since it meant that no personnel, not even the Imperial Army Special Missions troopers of the Special missions battalions could be trusted to not kill their commanders.[1]

Some COMPNOR officer like battalion commander Ivo Laibach, even went against this belief. And assigned Zevulon Veers as his personal bodyguard.[2]


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