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"Sir, the Carrion Spike has reverted to realspace, bearing zero-zero-three ecliptic. Target is acquired, firing solutions have been computed, and all starboard batteries are standing by."
"Prepare to fire on my command."
―The Conquest's commander and Vice Admiral Dodd Rancit — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

The Secutor-class Star Destroyer was a type of Star Destroyer used by the Imperial Navy that featured multiple batteries and escape pods. The Conquest was a Secutor-class Star Destroyer that served as the command ship of Naval Intelligence Agency Vice Admiral Dodd Rancit, who used the ship in a task force above Carida in 14 BBY. However, he was later outed as a traitor to the Empire and killed by his own crew.


"Commander, direct your technicians to scan the Carrion Spike for life-forms."
―Darth Vader, to the Conquest's commander — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

A model of Star Destroyer, the Secutor-class Star Destroyer boasted a command bridge with an elevated walkway, viewports, and consoles that featured forward chairs with a communications board behind them. The ship also housed multiple batteries and a life-form scanner, as well as escape pods.[1]


"The vice admiral has been given permission to redeploy as many vessels as he sees fit, and he himself will be commanding all elements of the task force."
―Darth Vader, on Vice Admiral Dodd Rancit — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

The Secutor-class Star Destroyer could be used as a command ship capable of leading a flotilla in defense of a facility, and it could destroy a corvette with its batteries.[1]


"Admiral Rancit is to be escorted to and placed inside an escape pod. I will give the order to launch the pod, and Admiral Rancit, once removed to a distance from this vessel, will issue the fire order that destroys it."
―Darth Vader — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

The Imperial Navy utilized the Secutor-class Star Destroyer[1] by 14 BBY.[2] At that time, the Secutor-class vessel Conquest served as the command ship of the Naval Intelligence Agency's Vice Admiral[1] Dodd Rancit.[3] Rancit, who was dissatisfied with his position within the Empire, assembled a rebel cell that stole the Carrion Spike, the personal corvette of Moff Wilhuff Tarkin. The cell then attacked several Imperial operations. However, Rancit planned to betray the rebels and win favor with the Emperor for their defeat.[1]

Rancit, in the Conquest, led a task force stationed around Imperial Navy Deepdock Facility Two over the planet Carida, which he had instructed the cell to attack next. However, the rebels had become aware of Rancit's planned betrayal and sent the Carrion Spike on autopilot to Carida, so as to fake their deaths. Once the corvette appeared, and just as Rancit was about to order the ship's destruction from the Conquest's bridge, the Sith Lord Darth Vader arrived and instructed the Star Destroyer's commander to scan the Carrion Spike for life-forms.[1]

After the scan came back negative, Vader outed Rancit as a traitor and the one who had orchestrated the recent chain of attacks. The Sith Lord then instructed the Conquest's crew to order the rest of the flotilla to stand down. For Rancit's execution, Vader had his stormtroopers escort the vice admiral to an escape pod, which launched to a distance from the Conquest. Rancit then ordered his crew to destroy the pod, with him inside.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Secutor-class battlecruiser SoT

The Star Wars Legends depiction of the Secutor-class Star Destroyer

The Secutor-class Star Destroyer first appeared in the new Star Wars canon in the 2014 novel Tarkin, which was written by James Luceno.[1] The Secutor class originated in Star Wars Legends continuity as a background ship in Dark Empire 2: Devastator of Worlds, a 1992 comic book written by Tom Veitch and illustrated by Cam Kennedy that formed part of the Dark Empire series.[4]

Although unnamed in the issue, a full specification based on the ship was designed by fan Ansel Hsiao[5] and was featured in the 2012 reference book The Essential Guide to Warfare, which was written by Jason Fry. Although the Secutor class's name was not mentioned in the book itself,[6] Fry stated in his Tumblr endnotes that the name and some of Hsiao's specifications had been approved by Lucasfilm.[5]


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