Seddwia was a female Rutian Twi'lek Jedi youngling who served the Jedi Order and escaped Order 66 with K'Kruhk and Chase Piru.

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Seddwia confronting Lumbra.

Seddwia was a member of the Soaring Hawkbat Clan. The clan was stationed at the Jedi chapter house on Bogden 3. They were awaiting transport back to the Coruscant Jedi Temple, which had been delayed due to the battle there. When Masters K'Kruhk and Sian Jeisel arrived with their clone troopers, Order 66 was issued. Several of the younglings were killed as Du Mahn defended them. Mahn was shot down by the clones, and Jeisel sacrificed herself to cover their escape. K'Kruhk and Chase Piru ultimately escaped with nine younglings to parts unknown. Two months afterward, Seddwia was living with the group of younglings in exile under the tutelage of K'Kruhk.

Seddwia was present when a pirate named Lumbra and his men came to the younglings' camp. When they noticed that the broken ship had a piece that they needed, Lumbra proceeded to take it. As he approached the ship, Seddwia jumped at him saying that it was their ship and to leave it alone. Lumbra grabbed Seddwia by the arm and pulled her away. Immediately, Piru jumped to her rescue. Unfortunately, Piru was shot by one of Lumbra's men. Lumbra soon realized that the children were Jedi and decided to turn them in to the Empire. The children were chained up and taken away. It was only due to the skills of K'Kruhk and Chase Piru that the younglings were freed and Lumbra was killed.

Seddwia traveled with the rest of the group to the planet Arkinnea in search of a new home. She survived the crash landing and was taken into custody by the Arkinnea Militia. The youngling was present when Master Zao found them in the refugee camp. After dinner, Seddwia sat down with the rest of the younglings as Zao taught them their daily lesson. When Zao tossed three spice berries in the air and caught one in each hand and the last in his mouth, she responded that the purple spice berry was in his left hand.[1]

She escaped with the rest of the Jedi and made her way into the Arkinnean countryside. Seddwia was present when K'Kruhk showed up with Wooly and climbed into the back of a wagon hitched to the animal. As they made their way further into the countryside, she took a nap. The group started to climb a hill and Seppwia, along with the other younglings, raced to the top. When they reached the top, they came across the bodies of refugees that had been dumped on the valley floor.[2] She then watched in horror as an ore carrier flew over the valley and dropped another load of refugees to their deaths. When K'Kruhk realized the group had been spotted, he used the Force to throw Seddwia and the others into the back of the wagon. As K'Kruhk pushed the wagon off the side of the hill, Seddwia asked him if he would be going with them. The wagon reached the bottom of the hill and hit a tree, throwing Seddwia and the others from it.[3]

After recovering from the crash, Seddwia and the rest of the younglings followed Zao deeper into the forest. She hid with the group when they heard blaster fire. Seddwia was present when the Yunu found the group of Jedi. The Arkinnea Militia caught up with the two groups and held them at gunpoint.[4] As the militia opened fire, Zao used to force to raise a boulder out of the ground to give them cover. Seddwia fled with Piru and the other younglings but returned when the blasterfire subsided. After the battle, Seddwia and the rest of the clan followed the Yunu deeper into the forest, and she asked Zao how K'Kruhk would find them. She was present when, several days later, K'Kruhk caught up with the group and discovered their new home. Seddwia settled into her new home and continued her training as a Jedi.[5]

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