"Two habitable planets: Sedri itself is 99% covered in water, but its neighbor—Sedri Minor—is largely arable."
"Any outposts, Maru?"
"A colony was founded twelve years ago, although there has been little contact since."
Estala Maru and Avar Kriss[src]

Sedri Minor was an arable farming planet located in the Sedri system of the Periphery,[3] situated in the Outer Rim Territories.[1] An independent colony was founded on Sedri Minor during the High Republic Era, growing Vratixian barley, a component of the medical substance bacta. After a Nihil attack on a Hutt starship that was carrying Vratixian barley from Sedri Minor, the Jedi Order investigated the planet.[3]

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Sedri Minor was created for the Star Wars: The High Republic comic series—part of the publishing initiative of the same name—written by Cavan Scott, penciled by Ario Anindito, and published by Marvel Comics.[3] The planet was first mentioned, though was not identified, within a StarWars.com article published on December 22, 2020, in the solicitation for the series' third issue,[5] while the solicitation for the fourth issue provided the name of Sedri on January 19, 2021.[6] Sedri Minor first appeared, and was named as such, when The High Republic 2 was published[3] on February 3, 2021.[7]

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