The Sedri civil war was a conflict that took place on the planet of Sedri between the Sedrian renegades lead by Sedrian bishop of war Karak along with Imperial Aquatic assault stormtroopers lead by Commander Aban, and the Priests of the Sun along with Alliance forces.


Some time during the Galactic Civil War, the Sedrian bishop of war, Karak, opposed the Priests of the Sun's control over Sedri with the use of the Force-sensitive coral communal intelligence known as the Golden Sun, and decided to take control of the Golden Sun for himself. In time, Karak managed to rally up a group of renegades who believed that all Sedrians should have access to the Golden Sun, although in truth Karak simply wanted the coral's power for himself.[1]

The opportunity to take control presented itself when an Imperial starship accidentally discovered the water world and the Imperial forces lead by Commander Aban established a garrison on the planet. The Imperial presence soon produced rumors of the planet's discovery, attracting the attention of an Alliance to Restore the Republic diplomat named Mors Odrion and his companion Rekara.[1]

Karak and his renegades took advantage of the situation and kidnapped Odrion and took him to the Imperial garrison. There, Karak made a deal with Aban to form an alliance between the renegades and the Empire in order to attack the city of Fitsay and claim the power of the Golden Sun, splitting it between the two factions equally. The former bishop of war kept the deal a secret from the majority of renegades, many of whom were suspicious of the Imperials.[1]

Meanwhile, Rekara managed to flee the planet and traveled to Delta Base; however, an encounter with a piece of Golden Sun coral left her insane. Rekara later returned to the planet with a group of six Rebels; the group managed to convince Fala, Karak's daughter, that her father and the Imperial Commander had formed an Alliance, making her and some of Karak's renegades lose trust in his leadership. The former renegades then sided with the Rebels and fought besides them in the upcoming battle to defend Fitsay.[1]

The Battle of FitsayEdit

Karak and some of his renegades, along with the Imperial forces, then began their attack. The Imperial troops mainly consisting of aquatic assault stormtroopers supported by an Aquatic Terrain Armored Transport, and met the forces of Fistay and the Rebels outside of the city. Karak, however, took six of his most trusted and powerful renegades, Dragob, Glish, K'hondo, Porm, Spodan and Burborok, as well as his pet razort, Tooch, and their prisoner Odrion, to the Sun Caves in an attempt to claim the coral for himself and defeat the Imperials and the Priests.[1]

At the cave the group was confronted by the High Priest of the Golden Sun Cardo, however one of the renegades attacked him, slashing him across the chest and causing a near fatal wound. The group then moved into the cave, with Karak and Odrion heading straight for the main chamber while the others spread out through the cave to slow down any pursuers. The group of six rebels, Rekara and Cardo's son Pek soon entered the cave in search of Karak and came upon the huge chamber. They then went on to successfully stop Karak by persuading the Golden Sun to separate and weaken its power, which in turn also weakened Karak, who was later arrested and imprisoned for his betrayal.[1]

Continuing tensionsEdit

The battle at Fitsay did not end the civil war entirely; although the Empire abandoned its garrison on the planet, and off-world traders arrived, the High Priests welcome contact with the outside galaxy, but wanted to do so slowly and cautiously. Karak's followers, however, believed that the High Priest's stance was limiting Sedri's growth.[2]


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