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Sedrians were a people native to the oceans of the planet Sedri.

Biology and appearance[edit | edit source]

The Sedrians were aquatic mammals about three meters long, covered in sleek yellow, brown, or gray fur. They had two arms with web-fingered hands, a pair of stabilizing fins at their hips, and legs which were joined together into a pair of tail flukes. The whiskers on their head could detect movement or changing electric fields underwater. Unlike most aquatic mammals, Sedrians had both gills and lungs.

Society and history[edit | edit source]

A Sedrian.

Sedrian society was based on the worship of the Golden Sun, a communal Force-sensitive intelligence living in a coral reef. Golden Sun was kept in a dome in the Sedrian capital city of Fitsay, where it provided a source of energy for the Sedrians' early industrial technology. All Sedrian technology was based on energy from the Golden Sun—even their medical science was limited to leaving the sick or injured in the Golden Sun's cavern so the Golden Sun could use Force healing on them. The High Priest of the Golden Sun was the ruler of Sedri. Ironically, though the Sedrians worshipped Golden Sun, they did not realize that it was an intelligent, living being. Sedrian Warrior monks served under the High Priest.

Few Sedrians were found away from Sedri, primarily because separation from the Golden Sun made them agitated, anxious, and sometimes violent. Those who were found offworld were usually slaves. Some of these Sedrians worked as underwater researchers or explorers. Among the exceptions were the Shahlik family, who maintained the Imperial aquaria on Kailor V. This family, however, had lived away from Sedri for several generations.

After a Rebel Alliance group helped the Sedrians drive an Imperial garrison away from Sedri, the Sedrians became supporters of the Alliance, and later the New Republic. A Sedrian sat on the New Republic Provisional Council following the Battle of Endor.[1] SedriMotors manufactured the Amphibion aquatic assault vessels used by the New Republic during the Battle of Calamari in 10 ABY.

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