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"Not animals. Plants! Hell, not even plants. Seeds!"
Han Solo, describing what he plans to smuggle from Mon Cala[1]

Yarum seeds

Seeds were part of the process of reproduction for plants. They would lying dormant in the ground, waiting for the next rainfall, when they would burst into life.[2] The plant-like sentient Drengir creatures were spawned from seeds.[3] Seeds were contained in fruits,[4] and were a source of nutrition, especially on harsh planets like the swampy Dagobah, as they contained vitamins and minerals essential for survival.[5] During the Imperial Era, Jedi Master–in–exile Yoda grew his foodstuff from seeds on Dagobah.[6] Yoda gathered galla seeds from areas surrounding his hut on the planet Dagobah, storing them within his dwelling's central column.[7]

For self-preservation, the Force-sensitive Syla Trasker followed her instincts and slipped a dolina ring seed onto her thumb, which filled her with the energy of the Living Force. The life energy gave Trasker a burst of speed, which saved her from the Imperial Inquisitorius.[8]



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