"When placed near living beings, the Seeds transmit signals that arouse irrational and violent impulses. The effect is slow, insidious and irreversible."
Darth Acina[src]

The Seeds of Rage were a set of Sith artifacts developed by the Sith Lord Fulminiss of the resurgent Sith Empire. A master of Sith alchemy, Fulminiss created the Seeds as the ultimate achievement in his lifelong quest to develop new ways to corrupt other living beings. Roughly cylindrical and about as wide as an average Human's shoulders, the Seeds were designed to be buried underground, and they used a combination of the dark side of the Force and low-frequency transmissions to subtly manipulate the emotions and thoughts of any living creatures nearby. Over time, the Seeds drove their victims insane and contaminated them with dark side energy, resulting in a warping of both the victims and the surrounding environment.


"The Dread Masters' agents are burying Seeds across the galaxy, where they will drive entire populations mad. We must recover those devices."
Darth Acina[src]

During the Galactic War, Lord Tagriss, a servant of the rogue Dread Masters, stole the seeds from Arcanum and spread across a number of settled worlds. Darth Acina of the Dark Council summoned an Imperial individual and tasked them with recovering the seeds.

Behind the scenesEdit

After the final mission on Ilum, on the mission "Alchemy of Evil" Imperial players can choose to either use the corrupted Jedi forge to merge seeds into one device that transforms into an armor at the end of the mission (dark side dialogue) or just return the seeds intact to Darth Acina, who will hide them in a more secure location on Ziost (light side dialogue).


Notes and referencesEdit

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