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Seeker was a Twi'lek male who ran scrap and salvage operations at the Kala'uun Starport on the planet of Ryloth during the Galactic Civil War.


He was cast out of his clan warren when he spent all of his time tinkering and collecting non-functional machinery rather than doing his required duties. He joined up with Lo'baan who ran the repair business in Kala'uun Starport. Seeker took over when Lo'baan died, and gradually stopped providing repair services, choosing to concentrate on collecting spare parts and technology. He would spend most of his time organizing his stock of parts so that he would know what he had and where it was. If he had spare time, he would occasionally assist visiting spacers with repairs but his knowledge was limited to maintenance and small ship components.[1]

He kept to himself and tried to avoid local politics, but would visit Mal'aa's Kitchens for food and companionship.[1]

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