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The Seerdon Campaign or Kohl Seerdon Crisis was a Rebel campaign against Imperial Moff Kohl Seerdon's efforts to steal the Alliance's store of bacta. It was undertaken by Rogue Squadron in 1 ABY.


After the defection of Kasan Moor to the Rebellion, Rogue Squadron conducted a raid on the tibanna mining colony of Taloraan in Seerdon's territory. They caused much damage to the Imperial operations there, and left before reinforcements arrived.[1]

The Rogues then participated with the theft of Seerdon's AT-PTs and the plundering of his research facility. Again, the raid was swift.[1]

In retaliation, Seerdon blockaded the planet of Chandrila. Rogue Squadron escorted a hovertrain carrying supplies to the city. The Rogues' mission was a complete success.[1]

Seerdon then set lured Rogue Squadron into a fient on Sullust. The Rogues destroyed a power station in the system successfully, but the entire thing was a ruse set up to draw the squadron away from his attack on the Bacta producing word of Thyferra. The Rogues caught wind of the ruse and recaptured Thyferra. Seerdon was killed in the battle.[1]


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