Seevor was a male Trandoshan who worked for the Mining Guild, like his father before him. He was in charge of Crawler 413-24, a mining vehicle. His family had worked for the Mining Guild for generations. In his crawler, while burning its way through the plains of Lothal's southern hemisphere, was hijacked by members of the Spectres, who needed to use its long-range communications equipment. Seevor was infuriated at the hijacking, and attempted to take all measures to regain control. After he was locked in a closet by Ezra Bridger, Seevor took advantage of his scrawny build to escape into the ventilation system and head to the reactor room. He disabled the reactors, intending to contact the Galactic Empire. However, Bridger followed him through the vents and fought him. During the fight, Seevor slipped on Ezra's lightsaber, which had been dropped on the floor, and died when he fell into the smelter as a result.



The rebels, whom Seevor initially mistook for pirates

Seevor was a Mining Guild Trandoshan ore crawler captain who lived during the Imperial Era.[3] Seevor had a father, who also worked for the Mining Guild.[4] In 1 BBY,[source?] he captained Crawler 413-24, which was used to extract material from Lothal's surface. The ore crawler burnt up large tracts of Lothal's grassy plains, leaving behind a charred wasteland. Seevor and the overseer Proach, a fellow Trandoshan, supervised a crew of indentured prisoners who had been convicted of various crimes against the Empire. One of these was the Devaronian crime lord Cikatro Vizago, who had been imprisoned for smuggling the Spectres into Capital City.[2]

While plowing through Lothal's southern hemisphere, the ore crawler was boarded by members of the rebel cell Spectres and the Lothal resistance leader Ryder Azadi. Seevor was too distracted listening to music to notice the intruders until the Lasat Garazeb Orrelios snatched the earpieces from his head. While struggling with Zeb, Seevor managed to activate the alarm and halt the crawler. Zeb managed to subdue him and the Lothalite rebel Ezra Bridger managed to ply off the Mining Guild respondents on the intercom by imitating Seevor's voice, much to his outrage. When Seevor tried to alert the authorities, Zeb knocked him unconscious.[2]

Seevor death

Seevor's death

The rebels also killed Proach following a struggle and liberated the prisoners. When an Imperial patrol responded to Seevor's earlier distress transmission, Seevor was hidden in a closet while Vizago posed as the Mining Guild captain and told the Imperial authorities that the Mining Crawler had only sustained mechanical problems. After the Imperials had left, Seevor managed to escape into the ore crawler's ventilation system. He then proceeded to the engine room and shut down the reactor. Ezra pursued Seevor and the two fought in the engine room. While charging at Ezra, Seevor slipped on the Jedi apprentice's lightsaber and slipped to his death in the smelter.[2]

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Captain Seevor XW2

Seevor piloting a Mining Guild TIE fighter

Seevor was a male Trandoshan[3] whose family including his father had previously worked for the Mining Guild.[4] He had yellow eyes, brown mottled skin, and a narrow snout. As an ore crawler captain, Seevor appeared to have little regard for the indentured prison laborers in his care and Lothal's landscape, which was destroyed to facilitate the extraction of minerals for the Imperial war effort. Seevor initially mistook the rebels for pirates and tried to fight them off only to be knocked out by Zeb. Unwilling to give up, Seevor broke out and shut down the reactor. While Seevor excelled in unarmed combat with Ezra, he was outwitted by the young Jedi rebel and slipped to his death in the smelter.[2]

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Seevor was voiced by Seth Green, who also voiced Ion Papanoida and Todo 360 on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. He appeared in the Star Wars Rebels fourth season episode "Crawler Commandeers".[2]



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