"Seh-run once lived in the Academy—was once like you! Seh-run feasted on the scraps of the beast pens... until the overseer sent it away to starve."

Seh-run was a male Abyssin Sith who dwelt in the Tomb of Naga Sadow. He would often feed on scraps and vermin, until he met Overseer Prithor. The two formed an unorthodox friendship, with Seh-run assisting Prithor in eliminating his rivals, and Prithor feeding him the corpses of the academy's failed students. Feeding on dead Sith began to change Seh-run, who grew stronger and faster, and began to exhibit increasingly violent behavior, as well as strength in the dark side. Eventually Prithor feared that he would start feeding on the living, and parted ways with the Abyssin, who took refuge in the tomb of Naga Sadow. Prithor eventually created a poison to kill Seh-run, both fearing and pitying the creature the Abyssin had become. Seh-run, meanwhile, lost his greater strength without Prithor's meals, and longed for the flesh of Force-users again - which was Prithor's delivery method of choice for the poison.



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