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"...we'll have a couple of surprises for him."
―Jango Fett[src]

A seismic charge in space

Seismic charges were devastating weapons that drew sound in from their immediate vicinity and exploded in concussive waves of brilliant blue light, shattering everything in their wake.[1] Jango Fett launched several seismic charges from a deployer[2] aboard his starship, Slave I, while trying to kill Obi-Wan Kenobi during their dogfight in the asteroid field that orbited the planet Geonosis.[3]

Years later, during the Galactic Civil War, Luke Skywalker acquired Utheel Rockcrusher Compact charge during his mission to extract the Givin operator Drusil Bephorin. He deployed one to destroy an Immobilizer 418 cruiser.[4]

Around 9 ABY,[5] Jango's son Boba Fett flew Slave I to pick up Din Djarin and Migs Mayfeld following their raid on an Imperial refinery on Morak. Two TIE fighters pursued the ship as it escaped, but Boba quickly obliterated the fighters with a charge.[6]

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Sound designer Ben Burtt describes the sound of a seismic charge as an "audio black hole," where the sonic blast follows a moment of silence.[source?]

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