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"I have come for the Selection."
"Yes, yes, of course. Line up! Heads of each tribe, line up for the sister!"
―Asajj Ventress and Brother Viscus[src]

Ventress, amidst the challengers just prior to beginning the Selection ritual

The Selection was a three-ritual series of brutal trials held in the Nightbrother arena, in which the Nightsisters of Dathomir chose men from the Nightbrother clan to serve as their mates and servants.[1]

When Maul was a child, Darth Sidious was to hold the Selection to find a warrior to travel with him across the galaxy. Rumors in the Nightbrother village spread of the event among the boys. Maul was forbidden to play due to his surge of force abilites at the time, so he was locked at his house. Channeling his anger, he tore the door from its hinges using the Force. When Maul made it to the Selection, he choked his keeper and his two sons. This pleased Sidious and he took Maul as his apprentice.[2]

In 20 BBY,[3] Asajj Ventress held the Selection to find a warrior to aid her in her quest for vengeance against her former master, Count Dooku.[1]



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