Seledra-Zin was a female refugee aid worker on Clak'dor VII that fell in love with the captain of the Star Destroyer Brilliant, Sander Delvardus. During an argument, he allegedly struck her with a dynamic hammer, rendering her comatose. Distraught, he spent years trying to awake her from the coma, placing her in a suspended-animation casket which he installed in his personal quarters first aboard his ship the Brilliant and then the Night Hammer. After Delvardus's death at the hands of Natasi Daala at Tsoss Beacon, by a twist of irony Daala took the Star Dreadnought, renamed it the Knight Hammer and pointed it at the Jedi - not knowing that Seledra was in a chamber at the front of the ship. After the Assault on Yavin 4 was lost, she perished when the Knight Hammer disintegrated inside the gas giant Yavin Prime.

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