"Seems that he marched in here last year and announced to all and sundry that he was going to be the one to capture the infamous Han Solo."
―A bounty hunter in "Arc of Fire" Bar & Grill, on Renlo[2]

Selenius VII, also referred to as Selenius, was an astronomical object that lay in the Mid Rim's D'Aelgoth sector, along the D'Aelgoth Trade Route. A busy spaceport, it was the location of the establishment known as "Arc of Fire" Bar & Grill.

Around 3 ABY, the bounty hunter Renlo announced at "Arc of Fire" his intention to capture the smuggler Han Solo. Months later, Renlo returned to the Selenius establishment defeated and proceeded to spend his days there lamenting his failure.


Selenius VII,[2] also known simply as Selenius, was an astronomical object located in the Selenius system of the D'Aelgoth sector, a part of the Western Reaches portion of the Mid Rim. The D'Aelgoth Trade Route hyperlane linked it to the Ogem system as well as the Kassido system of the neighboring Juvex sector.[1]


"Fifteen months later, he's back with 'nay but the torn and bloodied tunic on his back. […] That's him over in the corner, sweeping up glass and mutterin' to himself, 'Almost had 'im,' over and over again."
―A bounty hunter, on Renlo[2]

At some point by 3 ABY,[3] the bounty hunter Renlo entered "Arc of Fire" Bar & Grill at Selenius VII and announced to everyone present his intent to capture Han Solo,[2] a smuggler with a significant bounty on his head.[4] Following the announcement, Renlo bought beverages for all the patrons of the establishment and then left to pursue the smuggler.[2]

Fifteen months later, the bounty hunter returned to "Arc of Fire," having been defeated by his quarry and having lost both his equipment and his starship. Renlo spent the following days at "Arc of Fire" lamenting his near-capture of the smuggler. Around that time, another bounty hunter mentioned Renlo's experiences in a conversation held at the Selenius VII establishment.[2]


Selenius VII was a busy spaceport. The aristocratic Ancient Houses of the Juvex sector maintained numerous spies at the celestial body.[1]


The establishment known as "Arc of Fire" Bar & Grill was located at Selenius VII.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Selenius VII was introduced in "Almost Had 'Im," a short companion narrative included in the 1994 sourcebook Galaxy Guide 10: Bounty Hunters. The book was authored by Rick D. Stuart and published by West End Games for use with Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game.[2] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas provided a shortened name for the celestial body and placed it in grid square L-17.[1]



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