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The Self-Propelled Medium Artillery (SPMA) walker was an artillery piece used by the Galactic Empire. It was a successor to the SPHA artillery line used during the Clone Wars.


The SPMA-T model was fitted with a long-range, variable trajectory turbolaser cannon, and due to its modular design, it could, like its heavier predecessor, be deployed with specific payloads for different missions. It was generally faster and more nimble than the SPHA-T. Most of the walkers were also equipped with 12 light anti-infantry blasters[2] that emerged from the ventral surface of the vehicle when in use.[3]



A SPMA-T, ready to fire.

Improvement in materials after years of research following the Clone Wars meant that the artillery walker could be lightened with the use of more modern alloys and composites.[2]

The SPMA walkers' range was quite long, but they required targets to be sensor-painted in order to score a hit. The combination of slow movement and light armor meant that SPMAs were usually dispatched with an escort.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

In the Empire at War video games the turbolaser bolt is seen to arc downwards like projectile artillery.



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