"You talkin' cute with me, sister? I'll seize your ship right now!"
―Viraxo 54 security threatens Aeron Azzameen aboard the disguised Selu moments before the craft is disabled — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

The Selu was a YT-1300 light freighter owned by the Azzameen family. Along with its identical sister ship, the Sabra, it was utilized as a transport and freighter for family missions and assignments provided by Twin Suns Transport Services, a shipping company owned by the Azzameen family. In addition to the laser cannons, shielding, hyperdrive, and turret available to the YT-1300 line, the Selu was heavily modified to further give the ship protection from raiding forces interfering with Azzameen affairs. Aeron Azzameen, an adept technician and slicer, was often responsible for modifications to the light freighter; she also typically piloted the ship on family assignments.

At the request of family patriarch Tomaas Azzameen, Aeron began training her youngest brother, Ace, in the family trade shortly after the pivotal Battle of Hoth of the Galactic Civil War in 3 ABY. Aeron flew the Selu while training Ace, aboard the Sabra, by escorting Ace in delivery runs and inspection routines. In one such assignment, the Azzameen siblings discovered that Viraxo Industries, a competitor to the Azzameens' shipping company, was actively attempting to sabotage the family. In retribution, Tomaas's brother and co-owner of Twin Suns Transport Services, Antan Azzameen, developed a plan utilizing the Selu. Renamed the Venix to avoid identification as an Azzameen craft, the masquerading Selu was disabled during an ill-fated raid on a Viraxo cargo facility. Ace was forced to destroy the stranded craft to keep the ship from falling into Viraxo control as he exited the system in the Sabra.


"You will fly the Sabra, one of our family's modified Corellian YT-1300 transports. Aeron will fly an identical ship, the Selu."
―MK-09 briefs Ace Azzameen on his first mission — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

The Selu, owned, operated, and maintained by the Azzameen family and their company, Twin Suns Transport Services, was a YT-1300 light freighter constructed by the Corellian Engineering Corporation in the YT-series line of light freighters. The starship,[1] measuring 34.75 meters in length,[3] functioned as a transport as well as a freighter; it could carry cargo containers ranging from cargo canisters to Class-L types to and from orbital stations. The Selu could reach speeds in excess of 88 MGLT and had a maneuverability rating of 64 DPF; a hyperdrive device was installed in the ship, allowing it to enter hyperspace to make its deliveries. The Selu's hull plating was rated at 40 RU, and it utilized a deflector shield generator capable of providing 120 SBD.[1]

A forward-facing laser cannon, as well as a dorsal-mounted laser cannon turret able to be operated from the cockpit or from the turret itself, provided the Selu with offensive capability against pirates or raiders. The ship could also mount additional systems for both offense and defense; warhead countermeasures, beam devices, and warhead launchers were optional units able to be added to the ship while in a hangar. A targeting system, capable of tracking ships and projectiles, worked together with an onboard sensor system used to identify cargoes aboard ships and inside containers. Communications equipment installed in the ship allowed the Selu's pilot to publicly address installations and hostile vessels. The systems could also be used for private communication with other Azzameen ships.[1]

Like its identical sister ship, the Sabra, the Selu was modified by the Azzameens, including an additional seat in the cockpit of the craft. The freighter could also support the installation of fake transponder codes, which allowed the Azzameens to change the ship's identity to infiltrate a rival company's supply line. A nameplate, containing its name and craft designation, was present aboard the ship. Externally, the Selu matched the Sabra in appearance; both craft also strongly resembled the well-known YT-1300 tramp freighter Millennium Falcon, sporting similar red paint detail and plating arrangement.[1] Family droid MK-09 regarded both the Selu and Sabra as fine ships.[2]


Azzameen family service[]

"Incoming vessels are on an attack vector! System Patrol Craft Kouerd is abandoning us! They must have been bought off! Azzameen transports, we request your assistance."
―Harlequin Station's director implores the visiting Selu and Sabra to assist against attacking raiders — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

The Azzameen family used the Selu around the period of the Battle of Hoth—a pivotal conflict in the Galactic Civil War between the forces of the Galactic Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic[1] in 3 ABY.[4] During this time, it was mostly flown by Aeron Azzameen in missions for both the Azzameen family and their company, Twin Suns Transport Services. The family kept the ship parked in the hangar of their home, the orbital facility Azzameen Station,[1] located in a system in the Garis sector.[5]

Following the Battle of Hoth, family patriarch Tomaas Azzameen decided it was time to teach his youngest son, Ace, the family trade. Aeron was asked to help train the young pilot. To do so, she flew in the Selu and relayed instructions to Ace, flying the Selu's sister ship, the Sabra, alongside the family's modified maintenance droid, MK-09.[1]


The Selu and Sabra approach Harlequin Station.

For Ace's first mission behind the controls of a starship, Aeron taught her brother how to properly dock with and carry a cargo container. The Selu and Sabra were to make a trip through hyperspace to the trading platform Harlequin Station, deliver a pair of cargo canisters, and pick up and return a pair of Class-K cargo containers. Both ships deposited their cargo on the station and were moving to pick up the containers for the return trip when two Pursuer-class enforcement ships, the Enkidu and the Gilgam, flying for the Azzameens' rival company, Viraxo Industries, arrived intending to raid Harlequin Station. After the station's hired security vessel, the IPV-1 Kouerd, fled the system, Harlequin Station's director called on the Selu and Sabra for protection, as they were the only craft in the area. The two Azzameen freighters moved to intercept the interlopers and, after a brief dogfight, forced the Pursuer-class ships to leave, much to Harlequin Station's relief. The siblings collected their containers and returned to Azzameen Station without further incident.[1]

Later, after Aeron accidentally destroyed records for several areas in the family's secret cargo fields during a security upgrade of her making, she again used the Selu and requested Ace's help in the Sabra to manually inspect the affected containers in order to rebuild the database. The mission began without incident, but upon arrival in the second area, the cargo ferry Raider was discovered attempting to heist a pressure tank filled with LOX.[1] After trying unsuccessfully to hail the intruder, Aeron piloted the Selu to intercept the craft; with the Raider's exit blocked, the Sabra lined up a shot and obliterated the Raider.[2] With the pirate disposed of, the Selu and Sabra completed their scanning and moved to the last affected area.[1]

In this third area, the siblings discovered even more foreign presence in the formerly-secret cargo area: two Razor-class starfighters escorting the Enkidu. Aeron and Ace both moved to once again remove the interloping ships.[1] The Sabra challenged the Razor-class fighters while the Selu charged the Enkidu, currently docked with one of the family's containers. Although Ace and MK-09 were able to destroy the starfighters, the Enkidu escaped.[2] Upon the Pursuer-class ship's exit, the Selu and Sabra investigated the family's containers. Eventually, Ace discovered that the container the Enkidu had docked with was filled with illegal spice. To protect the family from Imperial investigation, Aeron piloted the Selu to retrieve the compromised container and return it to Azzameen Station, where the family would determine what should be done with it.[1]

Masquerading as the Venix[]

"What about your ship? We cannot leave it behind for the Viraxo!"
"I guess that means you'll have to destroy it!"
―MK-09 and Aeron Azzameen discuss the fate of the stranded Selu — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

While the constant harassment of ships from Viraxo Industries—specifically, the Enkidu—was already a problem for the Azzameens, the discovery that the Viraxo were actively attempting to sabotage Azzameen affairs pushed Antan Azzameen, brother of Tomaas and co-owner of Twin Suns Transport Services, to develop a plan of retribution. Antan enlisted Aeron, known to the Azzameens as a skillful slicer, to install a fake transponder code into the Selu. This code enabled the Selu to broadcast its identification as the Venix, a frequent supplier to Viraxo Industries, in order to escape suspicion during the retaliatory strike. The Selu, masquerading as the Venix, was to deliver the container of illicit spice to the Viraxo cargo facility Viraxo 54 in the Denbo system and depart while an Azzameen distraction elicited a visit by local Imperial authorities. Antan hoped the Empire would discover the spice-filled container in its routine after-raid inspection, creating strain between the Viraxo and their Imperial allies.[1]


Aeron Azzameen abandons the doomed Selu.

Aeron piloted the disguised ship to Viraxo 54 with the illegal spice in a container that had been repainted to hide any connection to the Azzameen family or their company. With the falsified credentials holding, the Selu took place in the line of freighters waiting to deliver their cargo. Ace, piloting the Sabra, and brother Emon, flying his Firespray-31 craft, Andrasta, were to enter the system shortly after Aeron deposited the cargo and engage the station's Razor-class fighters.[1]

Unfortunately for the Azzameen plan, the Selu's container deposit was delayed by a lengthy queue. The brothers arrived before the Selu had a chance to offload the container, and Aeron, noticing that her freighter was under increasing scrutiny, decided to flee the system before the ruse was discovered. She alerted Viraxo 54 of her intentions, citing the extenuating circumstances of the ongoing raid, but station security ordered the Selu to remain in the queue. Aeron, disagreeing with the station's assessment of the situation, disregarded the commands to stay, released the spice container, and piloted the Selu toward an exit vector. Before she could leave, however, Viraxo 54 disabled the Selu with a barrage of ion cannon blasts. Realizing her ship was now defenseless and stranded, Aeron called out to her brothers for rescue. Emon responded and Aeron abandoned the stranded YT-1300 freighter in a space suit before Emon picked her up in the Andrasta. With Aeron aboard, Emon left the area and commanded the Sabra to destroy the Selu to keep the ship from falling under Viraxo control.[1] Ace did so before exiting himself just as Imperial forces arrived.[2] Though the plan did not proceed as intended and resulted in the loss of the Selu, the Azzameen children and their uncle Antan considered the raid a victory. Following the mission, the Selu's original nameplate was gifted to Ace, who mounted it above a hallway entrance in his quarters.[1]

Commanders and crew[]


Aeron Azzameen

"We'll be using the YT-1300s. I'm taking the Selu; you can fly the Sabra."
―Aeron Azzameen speaks to her brother Ace on an upcoming family assignment — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

The Selu was owned and operated by the Azzameen family. The YT-1300 was often piloted by Aeron Azzameen, who utilized the craft in multiple deliveries for the family.[1] She also performed much of the modifications on both it and its sister ship, the Sabra,[2] including the installation of faked transponder codes.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"Fine ships."
―MK-09, referring to the Selu and Sabra in his collection of Ace Azzameen's adventures[2]

The Selu was featured in the 1999 PC game Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance and its Prima Games strategy guide. In the game, the ship acted as a guide in the tutorial missions by showing the player how to pilot starships, inspect objects, and engage enemies.



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