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This prison facility was constructed on Selvaris sometime prior to or during 29 ABY on the conquered world of Selvaris by the Yuuzhan Vong during their galactic invasion.

The base was typically Yuuzhan Vong, featuring organic structures and installations. It was overseen by Malik Carr and S'yito.


As the world of Selvaris was terraformed to serve the Vong, population centers were eradicated and the planet became a holding center for prisoners of the Yuuzhan Vong. A goodly contingent of the prisoners held onplanet were captured from recent battles, such as an abortive attempt to retake Gyndine and the failed Operation Trinity.

A Jenet named Thorsh escaped the facility with two others in 29 ABY, and was able to deliver an important code to the Galactic Alliance.

During transit to Coruscant for a large sacrificial ceremony, most of the prisoners from the base were liberated over Selvaris by the Galactic Alliance.


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