"Now you'll see why I'm the most dangerous assassin on Taris."

Selven was a female Human high-profile assassin who became infamous for her extermination of the Ulgo family on Taris.


Selven began her career as a mere killer in the employ of Davik Kang, the local crime lord of the Exchange on Taris. Eventually, she abandoned her service to him to work as a freelance assassin for the highest bidder.

Sometime during or prior to 3956 BBY, possibly under the employ of House Organa, Selven murdered six civilians—an entire family of House Ulgo—along with all their bodyguards. This massacre was only the first of a chain of killings that would lead to the extinction of the entire house on Taris. Day after day, more and more Ulgos fell at the hands of Selven, whether gunned down on the streets, poisoned in their own homes, or a variety of other methods. In spite of the level of security stacked against her, Selven was always able to elude the authorities, proving herself unstoppable to all the guards and droids that the Ulgos could muster for their protection. By the end of her killing spree, no Ulgo remained alive on Taris, and she had earned a reputation as the best assassin on the planet.[1]

In the aftermath, House Organa fiercely pressured government authorities to place a contract on Selven's head, arguing that for this mass murderer to run loose threatened the lives of countless innocents. Despite this, the bitter rivalry that had existed between House Organa and House Ulgo was well-known, and there were many in the public that speculated that it was the Organas that had hired Selven to eliminate the Ulgos, and that they hoped her death would keep this secret from being exposed.[1]

In 3956 BBY, her bounty was posted by Zax, the Hutt in charge of the bounty office at Javyar's Cantina in the Lower City. Numerous bounty hunters attempted to collect the bounty, but every last one of them were killed by Selven. When the Sith Empire occupied the planet during the Jedi Civil War, the assassin was not intimidated by the Sith troopers that confronted her, slaying any that treated her as a hostile.[1]

The amnesiac, former Revan, stranded on Taris for the time being due to the Sith quarantine, decided to undertake this bounty after meeting with Zax. With his companions, he managed to locate Selven hiding out at an apartment in the Lower City, and at his hands the assassin finally met her demise.

Revan would go on to claim the bounty on her before his escape from Taris.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

As the exterminator of an entire house on Taris, Selven held the reputation of a ruthless killer bereft of a conscience and loyal only to money. She was infamous as the most dangerous assassin on Taris in her time, and she would proudly remind this to her enemies. When dealing with strangers, her demeanor was harsh and cold-hearted, confidently maintaining her control over the confrontation through intimidation. As a fugitive, she regarded all with suspicion, taking virtually no chances with any strangers, and asserting authority through gunpoint by establishing only she was allowed to pose questions. With her heavy experience in the art of bloodshed, she did not fear death and was swift to mete it out to those hostile to her.[1]

In spite of her mercilessness, she was willing to allow trepassers a second chance to rethink their course if they claimed they were merely lost. Even so, this would be accompanied by an express warning that another misstep would be greeted with immediate retaliation without chance for negotiation: a warning that she made with relentless sincerity.[1]

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Selven by 3956 BBY had earned the reputation as the most dangerous assassin on Taris, a title that was justified by her ability to slaughter every member of the Ulgo family day-after-day in spite of all the efforts of local enforcement and the Ulgos' guards to stop her. Her methods of assassination went beyond mere conventional combat as she was cited by Zax to have been capable of poisoning people in their own homes. Even in spite of her notoriety, she managed to continuously evade the government authorities and all other bounty hunters. Only Revan and his friends possessed the skills necessary to find and defeat her.[1]

In battle, she commonly relied on rapidly firing volleys of blaster bolts but was entirely capable of precision shooting. More than that, she was highly trained in swordsmanship, turning to it if the gap between her and her enemies closed.[1]


In battle, Selven donned the conventional battle armor of the Jedi Civil War era which provided her ample protection against enemy weapons. She primarily utilized a single heavy blaster pistol but kept a vibrosword at the ready if the situation demanded close-quarters combat.[1]

At the time of her death, she additionally had in her possession a pair of neural bands, an adrenaline amplifier, and a sniper rifle scope.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Selven is a non-player character in the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, serving as one of several bounties that the player, Revan, can collect on Taris.[1]

Out of a total of five, she is the only bounty target other than Matrik that the player can kill without receiving dark side points, given her status as a mass murderer.[1]

Upon finding her at her Lower City apartment, Selven will immediately interrogate the player as to his/her intentions. The player can outright declare that he/she means to kill her to collect the bounty or otherwise proclaim that he/she intends to rob her. Both options lead to an immediate fight. Alternatively, the player can claim he/she innocently stumbled into her apartment while exploring the area, to which Selven will respond by allowing the player to withdraw, but only after warning that stepping into her apartment again will result in instant retaliation. Sure enough, if the player speaks with her again, she will attack. The player can also ask Selven to identify herself, but doing so will only cycle back to all the aforementioned options since Selven refuses to answer, asserting that she is the only one who is in the position to ask questions.[1]

The bounty on Selven, like all the other bounties posted by Zax, is worth 300 credits or 400 if the player successfully bargains for more. If the player fails to convince Zax to raise the reward but insists on pressuring him, he/she will be dismissed without any reward entirely.[1]

Strangely, it appears that killing her prematurely sometimes results in a black game screen. In this event, the game continues to work other than the screen becoming black, with all other processes such as sounds, the cursor, even menus, working exactly as they should. Saving and reloading rectifies this glitch.[source?]


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