The Semipro Podracing Circuit was a series of seven podracing courses across planets of the Outer Rim. Beginning and ending on Aquilaris, these courses were deemed harder and longer than the ones found in the Amateur Circuit while being less difficult than the Galactic Podracing Circuit.

Bookended by races on Aquilaris, the circuit would return to Ando Prime, Malastare, and Mon Gazza for more difficult realignments of their Amateur Circuit tracks, while also featuring the first races on Ord Ibanna and Baroonda.


  1. Sunken City
  2. Howler Gorge
  3. Dug Derby
  4. Scrapper's Run
  5. Zugga Challenge
  6. Baroo Coast
  7. Bumpy's Breakers

Behind the scenes[]

Completing races in the Semipro Circuit would unlock the playable characters "Bullseye" Navior, Ratts Tyerell, Wan Sandage, Boles Roor, Neva Kee, and Ark "Bumpy" Roose. Finishing first in all races would unlock the second race of the Invitational Podracing Circuit.



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