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The Senate Bureau of Intelligence, or SBI, was the primary civilian intelligence service for the Galactic Republic and was tasked with providing the Galactic Senate with domestic and foreign intelligence and to investigate possible security threats, both external and internal, to the Senate and its members.


The Senate Bureau of Intelligence was the largest of the Republic's intelligence agencies, and was at least partly responsible to the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee. The SBI was separate from its counterpart, Republic Intelligence, which was a military intelligence organization. The SBI was given expanded powers by the Loyalist Committee during the Separatist Crisis, and by Palpatine during the Clone Wars. Before the War, corruption did exist in the SBI. Low-level agents were known to aid corrupt senators in their schemes by passing on misinformation for the right price. Wullf Yularen was a member of the SBI, but the mass-corruption of the agency led him to resign in disgust.

Dyne, Vyn Narcassan, Travale, and Inglemenn Barezz were all SBI agents during the Clone Wars. Qu Rahn, Clone Commander Thire, and Valiant all worked alongside the SBI during the war.

The last SBI Director-General was Armand Isard who also served as Director of Republic Intelligence. After the Declaration of a New Order, SBI became the core of Imperial Intelligence.

One department was the Cryptanalysis Department headed by Ilko Deminar. Another was the Crisis Branch established by Armand Isard.



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