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"Senators are notoriously unreliable, too, and yet they form the bedrock of our democratic system."
Mon Mothma[src]

Senators, also referred to as Galactic Senators,[6] were individuals who represented the many planets of the galaxy in the Senate of the Galactic Republic.[5] Many senators supported and cheered Sheev Palpatine's proclamation that turned the Republic into the Galactic Empire at the end of the Clone Wars.[7] The senators then became members of the Imperial Senate.[1]

Fourteen years into the Imperial Senate's existence, the power of the senators had grown weaker as the Emperor's planetary governors and Moffs exercised more responsibility over their planets and systems.[8] A few years later, the Imperial Senate was disbanded by the Emperor.[1]

Shortly after the Battle of Endor, the Rebel Alliance achieved their goal and restored the Republic in the form of the New Republic. As one of its first acts in the long process of bringing back democracy to the galaxy, the Republic restored the Galactic Senate.[2]


Galactic RepublicEdit

"There is no civility, only politics. The Republic is not what it once was. The Senate is full of greedy, squabbling delegates. There is no interest in the common good."
―Sheev Palpatine[src]
Senator palpatine

Senator Sheev Palpatine represented Naboo in the Galactic Senate until his election as Supreme Chancellor of the Republic.

During the last decades of the Galactic Republic, senators represented the Republic's various member worlds and commerce guilds including the Trade Federation at the Galactic Senate on Coruscant. During the Invasion of Naboo, Sheev Palpatine served as Naboo's senator in the Galactic Senate while Lott Dod represented the Federation. Their functions including representing their homeworlds, adjudicating on galactic disputes, and debating and voting on legislation and motions.[3] By the time of the Separatist Crisis, the Senate had at least two thousand senators.[9] Several Loyalist senators, including the Naboo senator Padmé Amidala, the Alderaanian senator Bail Organa, and the Ryloth senator Orn Free Taa formed the Loyalist Committee to advise Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.[10] During the time of the Galactic Republic, the position had no term limit.[11]

During the Clone Wars, the Confederacy of Independent Systems established a rival Separatist Senate[4] on the planet Raxus. Some prominent Separatist senators including the Onderonian Mina Bonteri and her son Lux Bonteri, Prime Minister Bec Lawise, and Voe Atell.[12] Towards the end of the conflict, several concerned senators including Amidala, Organa, and Mon Mothma formed the Delegation of 2,000 to criticize Palpatine's conduct of the war and to petition him to return his emergency powers to the Galactic Senate.[13]

Galactic EmpireEdit

"I am a member of the Imperial Senate on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan—"
"You are a part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor. Take her away!"
―Leia Organa and Darth Vader[src]

Senator Leia Organa represented Alderaan in the Imperial Senate, and was in league with the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

Following the Proclamation of the New Order, the Galactic Senate was revamped as the Imperial Senate of the Galactic Empire. While many senators welcomed the establishment of the Empire as an end to the carnage and destruction of the Clone Wars, others like Amidala and Organa were unhappy with the New Order.[7] After Palpatine crowned himself as Emperor, the Imperial Senate's powers were progressively curtailed. By the fourteenth year of the Age of the Empire, Imperial senators wielded less power than planetary governors.[8]

The Emperor preserved the Senate in order to convince its member worlds that they still had a part to play in the new government. In secret, the Emperor planned to abolish the Senate once the Death Star had been completed so that he could rule the Empire through terror.[14] Some senators like the Thrad senator Nadea Tural continued attending Senate sessions since she believed that the Empire passed legislation which had been voted into law. However, the Emperor often did not implement legislation introduced by the Senate.[15] Some other notable senators included Bail Organa's adopted daughter Leia Organa,[1] and the "Senator-in-exile" Gall Trayvis.[16]

Following the theft of the Death Star plans, Darth Vader arrested Princess Leia for aiding the Rebel Alliance. Emperor Palpatine promptly dissolved the Imperial Senate.[1] In addition, Tural and several other dissident senators were imprisoned at the Arrth-Eno Prison Complex on Coruscant. The Alliance attempted to rescue the imprisoned senators but the Emperor hatched a successful plot to kill the senators and the Rebel spies. Official Imperial propaganda claimed that the rebels had bombed the prison in order to deny these senators a trial.[17]

New RepublicEdit

"War is terrible. And an army isn't enough to fix problems. We need a solution for what happens after they do their job, and that's why the Senate is beginning again…"
Olia Choko[src]

Organa resumed her political career in the New Republic Senate, and was the Populists' choice for the post of First Senator.

Following the Battle of Endor, the New Republic, the successor government established by the Alliance to Restore the Republic, re-established the Galactic Senate on Chandrila.[2] Their duties included representing their homeworlds, debating and voting on legislation and motions, and investigating intrasystem disputes and criminal factions that threatened the New Republic. New Republic senatorial protocol also differentiated senators into two main categories: senior senator and junior senator.[18]

About twenty four years after the events on Endor, two major senatorial factions had emerged in the Galactic Senate: the Centrists, who desired a stronger galactic government and military; and the Populists, who wanted to preserve considerable autonomy for member worlds. The rivalry and philosophical differences between the two factions created deadlock in the Senate, which led to much inaction on the part of the New Republic. In response to this deadlock, the Centrists proposed the creation of a new office called First Senator, which would wield considerable power over the economy and military. Some prominent New Republic senators included Leia Organa, the Gatalenta senator Tai-Lin Garr, the Arkanis senator Lady Carise Sindian, and the Riosan senator Ransolm Casterfo. Prior to the destruction of the Hosnian system, several New Republic senators including Lady Carise[18] and Erudo Ro-Kiintor were secretly colluding with the First Order, a remnant of the Old Empire.[19]

Galactic Republic, later Imperial SenatorsEdit

Senator Planet or sector represented Term Notes Species and gender
Aangc. 21 BBY[20]Member of Military Oversight Committee[20]Roonan male[20]
Aak, Ask[10]Malastare[21] c.22 BBY[10]Member of the Loyalist Committee[22]Gran male[21]
Alavar, Neec. 19 BBY[7]Member of Delegation of 2,000[23]
Arrested on charges of treason[24]
Aldrete, AgrippaAlderaan[23]c. 32 BBY[25] aide to Senator Bail Antilles[23]Human male
Amedda, MasChampala[26]c. 32 BBY[27]elected as Vice Chair[27]Chagrian male[26]
Amidala, PadméNabooc. 22 BBY[10]Died giving birth to her children, Luke Skywalker and Leia OrganaHuman female[28]
Antilles, BailAlderaanc. 32 BBY[25]Succeeded by Bail Organa[29]Alderaanian Human male[3]
Anujo, Cellheimc. 19 BBY[7] Humanoid[23]
Argente, PasselKooriva[30] and the Corporate Alliance[31]c. 32 BBY[3]–22 BBY[10]Joined SeparatistsKoorivar male[30]
Atell, VoeJoined Separatists[12]Female
Awmeeth, Veedaaz c. 19 BBY[23]
Baab, Femac. 19 BBY[7]Human female[23]
Bar Gane, Edcelc. 32 BBY[3]Roonan male[3]
Binks, Jar JarRepresentative of the Gungan people of Naboo; later Senator of Nabooc. 22 BBY[10]–19 BBY[7]Gungan male[32]
Bonteri, MinaOnderon[33]Joined Separatists[12] and assassinated[34]Human female[35]
Bonteri, Lux c. 20 BBY[36]-6 BBY[37] Rejoined the Republic senate[36]; provided information to the Partisans.[37]
Bulgeskic. 85 BBY[38]
Breemu, Banac. 19 BBY[7]Member of Delegation of 2,000[23]Human female[23]
Burtoni, HalleKamino[39]c. 21 BBY,[40]Kaminoan female[39]
Cadaman, TannerFeenixc. 19 BBY[7]Arrested[24] and supposedly killed by Rebel Alliance[17]Human male[23]
Card, NixSenator for the InterGalactic Banking Clan c.21 BBY[25]replaced Senator Rush Clovis[41]Muun male[12]
Christoc. 22 BBY[34]Quarren male[34]
Chuchi, RiyoPantora[42] c. 22 BBY[25]Pantoran female[42]
Clovis, RushScipioc. 22 BBY[41]Joined Separatists and exposed as traitor[41]Human male[41]
Concorkill, Sweittc. 19 BBY[7]Vurk male[23]
Creip, Nebc. 19 BBY[7]Human male[23]
Danu, Giddeanc. 19 BBY[7]Member of Delegation of 2,000[23]Human male[23]
Deechi, MeeUmbara c. 22 BBY.[25]Murdered by Lolo Purs[40] Coruscant[43]Umbaran male[43]
Dio, Lexic. 22 BBY[10]Human female[23]
Dod, LottTrade Federation[3]c. 32 BBY[3]Joined Separatists[44]Neimoidian male[31]
Dowmeia, TundraMon Cala[45]22 BBY[10]–18 BBY[45]Quarren[31]
Drake, IvorKestos Minor[24]c. 19 BBY[7]Arrested and supposedly killed by Rebel Alliance[17]Human female[23]
Eekway, ChiPantora[46]c. 19 BBYsucceeded Riyo Chuchi as senator of Pantora.[46] Pantoran female[47]
Farr, OnacondaRodiac. 32 BBY[3]–20 BBY[48]Killed by poison from Lolo Purs,[43] Farr had also previously joined the Separatists but re-joined the Republic[49]Rodian male[49]
Fith, Fbinti Chadra-Fan female[50]
Greyshade, SimonVorzyd V[31]c.22 BBY[25]
Kee, Denariac.22 BBY[10] chief aide to Magistrate Passel ArgenteKoorivar female[51]
Nower Jebel Uyter[52] c.0 BBY[53] Human male[53]
Kharrus c.22 BBY[54]Killed by Weequay Pirates[54]Gran male
Ledwellow, DanryEr'Kit[55]Er'Kit male
Malé-Deec.19 BBY[7]Human male[7]
Merrik, TalKalevala[56]c. 21 BBY[57]Joined Death Watch and was executed as a traitor[57]Human male[58]
Moe, AksMalastare c. 32 BBY[3]Gran male
Mothma, MonChandrilac. 19 BBY[7]–0 BBYExposed as a member of the Rebel AllianceHuman female
Not Rab, Motc. 32 BBY[3]Tarnab male
Nudo, Poc. 32BBY[3]–22 BBY[10]Joined SeparatistsAqualish male
Organa, BailAlderaanc. 22 BBY[10]Killed when Alderaan was destroyed by the Death Star[1]Human male
Organa, LeiaAlderaan -O BBY[1] served as aide to her father.
became youngest senator
Human female
Paddie, Isterc. 22 BBY[10]Human male
Palpatine, SheevNaboo c. 32 BBY[3]Elected as Supreme Chancellor[3]Human male
Pamlo, Tynnra Taris[52]
Paulness, Zinn Member of Council of Neutral Systems[58]
Philoc. 22 BBY[59]Assassinated by Cad Bane[59]Gran male
Purs, Lolo Rodia c.21 BBY[25] Representative and Aide to Senator Onaconda Farr.[43] Rodian female[43]
Plain, MakBanker of the InterGalactic Banking Clan[34]Muun male
Renking, Domus Lothal[60] c.3 BBY[60] Arrested on bribery charges[60]Human male[60]
Robb, Kinc. 21 BBY[61]Human female
Roohd, Dantum c. 21 BBY[25] Human male
Ryyder, Horoxc. 32 BBY[3]–19 BBY[7]Anx male
Sadashassa, SheaHerdessac. 19 BBYArrested and supposedly executed by PalpatineHuman female
Saam, GumeTibrin and the Techno Union[12]c. 19 BBYSupported the SeparatistsIshi Tib Male[12]
Stonk c.21 BBY[43] Ithorian Male[43]
Jakker-Sun | c. 22 BBY[59] Ithorian Male[59]
Sedran, YudrishChalacta[62]c. 22 BBYChalactan[62]
Shessaun, Silyac. 19 BBY[7]Human female[23]
Sirrom, Gemc. 19 BBY[7]Human Female[23]
StreamdrinkerTynna19 BBY[24]Arrested by Palpatine[24]Tynnan male
Taa, Orn Free Ryloth[63] c. 32 BBY[3]-14 BBY[64] Twi'lek male[63]
Taneel, TerrSenex[24]c. 19 BBY[7]Human female[7]
TavettiProtobranch[38]c. 85 BBY[38]Bivall male[38]
Teem, AinleeMalastarec. 32 BBY[3]Gran[31]
TikkesMon Cala[31]c. 32 BBY[3]–22 BBYJoined Separatists,[10] replaced by Meena Tills and Tundra DowmeiaQuarren male[65]
Tills, MeenaMon Cala[13]c.20 BBY[66]-19 BBY[7]Mon Calamari female[13]
Gall Trayvis
Toora, Toonbuckc. 32 BBY[3]–22 BBY[10]Sy Myrthian female[23]
Tyrell, Bogc. 22 BBY[10]Aleena female[67]
YaruaKashyyyk c. 32 BBY[3]Wookiee[23]
Zar, FangSern Primec.19 BBY[68]Arrested by Palpatine[24]Human male
Vaspar, Vasp Taldot sector[52]

Separatist SenatorsEdit

"This is a democracy, and unlike the Republic, corporations do not rule us."
Kerch Kushi[src]
Senator Planet or sector represented Term Notes Species and gender
Atell, Voe Corporate Alliance[12] c.21 BBY[12] Female[69]
Bluss, Byc.22 BBY[12]Leyakian[70] Male
Bonteri, Mina Onderon[71] c.22 BBY[12]-21 BBY Onderonian Female
Bonteri, Lux c.20 BBY[25] Defected from the Separatists Onderonian Male
Fonti, Amita Gossam[12] Female[70]
Kushi, Kerch Male[12]
Bec Lawise c.21 BBY[12]-19 BBY.[72] Separatist Congress Leader[23]/Speaker[12]; assassinated by Dooku.[72] Siniteen male[12]
Rimbaud, Punn Rimbaud's species[12] female[46]

New Republic SenatorsEdit

Senator Planet or sector represented Term Notes Species and gender
Apolin, Ormes Kuat c. 28 ABY Male
Arlo, Yubrin
Berenko, Thadlé
Bruss, Zygli
Casterfo, Ransolm
Depallo, Thanlis
Drolley, Pima
Ek, Ashmin
Emshwa, Tia'dor
Garr, Tai-Lin
Gillen, Nahani
Harmodius, Durm
Jebel, Nower
Kee, Brasmon
Madmund, Orris
Ney, Anib
Neshurrion, Gadde
Organa, Leia Alderaan sector c. 5 ABY28 ABY resigned Human female
Ro-Kiintor, Erudo
Robb-Vot, Andrithal
Sindian, Carise
Sorka, Grelka
Tar, Nim
Ottegan senator
Vicly, Varish
Villecham, Lanever
Wartol, Tolwar
Wieedo, Dor
Xiono, Hamato


Non-canon appearancesEdit


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