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Senators Padmé Amidala and Bail Organa at the birth of the Galactic Empire

"It's been my experience that Senators are only focused on pleasing those who fund their campaigns and they are more than willing to forget the niceties of democracy to get those funds."
Obi-Wan Kenobi[src]

Senators were beings who represented their planet, system, and/or sector in the Galactic Senate of the Galactic Republic, Separatist Parliament of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Imperial Senate of the Galactic Empire, New Republic Senate, or Galactic Alliance Senate. They often worked alongside Associate Representatives.

They also acted as sectorial heads of state in the Old Republic, New Republic, and Galactic Alliance senates. Some senators alternately represented very powerful megacorporations and industries, such as the Trade Federation or the Corporate Alliance. During the waning days of the Old Republic, many senators had fallen to corruption and decadence, while others strove to uphold the ideals of democracy.

Other senators also served in the Bakuran Senate.

Galactic Republic and Imperial Senators

"Observation: Senators are not nice, master. They are either on top of their game or yesterday's news."
Senator Planet or sector represented Term Notes Species and gender
AangRoonac. 21 BBYRoonan male
Aak, AskMalastare and the Dustig sector22 BBY–19 BBYGran male
Adem'thorn, Yeb YebMakem Te and the Nilgaard sectorc. 32 BBYSwokes Swokes male
Alavar, NeeLorrd and Kanz sectorc. 19 BBYArrested and executed by PalpatineHuman female
Aldrete, AgrippaAlderaan and Alderaan sectorc. 52 BBYReplaced by Bail AntillesHuman male
Allum, Vivendic. 44 BBYmale
Amedda, MasChampalac. 33 BBYelected as Vice ChairChagrian male
Amidala, PadméNaboo and Chommell sectorc. 25 BBY-19 BBYDied giving birth to her children, Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa SoloHuman female
Annon, Blixc. 77 BBYKilled by heart attackHuman male
Am-Ris, ParanCereac. 3653 BBYBecame interim Supreme ChancellorCerean male
Antilles, BailAlderaan and Alderaan sectorc. 33/32 BBYReplaced by Bail Prestor OrganaHuman male
Anujo, Cellheimc. 19 BBY
Argente, PasselMurkhana and the Corporate Alliancec. 33 BBY–22 BBYJoined SeparatistsKoorivar male
Ashgad, Setic. 20 BBYexiled by PalpatineHuman male
Atanna, GabrialEsselesc. 0 BBYSpied on Esseles' defense industry for the Alliance to Restore the RepublicMale
Atell, VoeJoined SeparatistsFemale
Awmeeth, VeedaazSarrish and Vensensor sectorc. 19 BBYUnidentified Sarrish species male
Baab, FemaBajic sectorc. 19 BBYHuman female
Bar Gane, EdcelRoonac. 33/32 BBYRoonan male
Bel Iblis, GarmCorellia and Corellian sectorc. 22 BBY–0 BBYDeath fakedHuman male
Bendon, TendauIthor and Ottega sectorc. 33 BBY–19 BBYarrested by PalpatineIthorian male
Bertar, Canny MandaryMrlsst and Tapani sectorc. 23 BBY–0 BBYMrlssi female
Beruss, DomanIllodia and Illodia sectorc. 19 BBY–0 BBYHuman male
Bibbeck, CharColunda Prime and Colunda sectorc. 22 BBYCensuredHuman male
Binks, Jar JarRepresentative of the Gungan people of Naboo; later Senator of Nabooc. 22 BBY–19 BBY (Rep.); c. 19 BBY–6 BBY (Sen.)Replaced by Pooja NaberrieGungan male
Bluss, ByJoined SeparatistsMale
Bonteri, MinaOnderonJoined Separatists and assassinatedHuman female
BraxisPho Ph'eah and Kalamith sectorc. 19 BBYPho Ph'eahian male
Breemu, BanaHumbarine and Humbarine sectorc. 19 BBYArrested by PalpatineHuman female
Bremack, TyrecaAgamar and Lahara sectorc. 22 BBYJoined SeparatistsHuman female
Bribbs, BeolarsSullustJoined SeparatistsSullustan male
Bronk, DewellKedorzhac. 22 BBYKedorzhan male
Brun, RasitRintonne and Lambda sectorc. 22 BBYHuman male
Burtoni, HalleKaminoc. 22 BBYKaminoan female
Cadaman, TannerFeenixc. 19 BBYArrested amd supposedly executed by PalpatineHuman male
Bu, CandabrineLansonoc. 22 BBYHuman female
Callen, Vic. 44 BBYmale
Card, NixAssociate Planetary Representative of the InterGalactic Banking ClanJoined SeparatistsMuun male
CheloGerrard Vc. 0 BBYHuman male
Christoc. 22 BBYQuarren male
Chuchi, RiyoPantora and the Sujimis sectorc. 22 BBYPantoran female
Clovis, RushScipioc. 22 BBYJoined Separatists and exposed as traitorHuman male
Concorkill, SweittSembla and the Sertar sectorc. 19 BBYArrested by PalpatineVurk male
Contispex Ic. 11,000 BBYelected as Supreme ChancellorHuman male
Coorr, RonetIsenoc. 22 BBY–20 BBYRetired in disgrace after taking bribes from the SeparatistsHuman male
Creip, Nebc. 19 BBYHuman male
CroteFregoc. 40 BBYArrested for criminal connectionsHuman male
Danu, GiddeanKuat and Kuat sectorc. 19 BBYArrested by PalpatineHuman male
DarsanaGlee Anselmc. 22 BBYAnselmi male
Deechi, MeeUmbara and the Ghost Nebulac. 22 BBYStabbed and murdered by Lolo PursUmbaran male
Dell, Harkonc. 19 BBYmale
Derlin, GalenTiisheraanc. 19 BBYRetired and assassinated by Palpatine's operativesHuman male
Des'seinc. 19 BBYmale
Dhori Tolas, MinaKorvaii0 BBYHuman female
Dio, LexiUyter and the Lantillian sectorc. 22 BBY–20 BBYAssassinated, replaced by Malé-DeeHuman female
Divinian, BogNuralee26 BBY–22 BBYHuman male
Dod, LottNeimoidia and the Trade Federationc. 33 BBYJoined SeparatistsNeimoidian male
Ortell Donovan, JamesMindabaal?–0 BBYSupposedly survived Imperial bormbardment of homeworld caused by Palpatine's ordersHuman male
Donte, SilvuRiflorc. 32 BBYJoined SeparatistsAdvosze male
Dowmeia, TundraDac and Calamari sector22 BBY–19 BBYArrested by Palpatine, replaced by Timi RotramelQuarren male
Drake, IvorKestos Minor and Kwymar sectorc. 19 BBYArrested and supposedly executed by PalpatineHuman female
Drexx, Bezzc. 22 BBYExposed for corruption after receiving bribes from the Separatistsmale
Eddawan, GalimTyanc. 77 BBYHuman male
Eddicus, AnwisElected as Supreme Chancellor
Eekway, ChiWroonac. 19 BBYArrested by PalpatinePantoran female
Elsah'sai'MoroDevaron and Devaron Spacec. 22 BBYAssassinated, replaced by Vien'sai'mallocDevaronian female
Estornii, EeusuOrd Zeuol and the Vilonis sectorc. 19 BBYZeuolin female
Farr, OnacondaRodiac. 32 BBY–21 BBYKilled by poison from Lolo Purs, Farr had also previously joined the Separatists but re-joined the RepublicRodian male
F'ass, DodraClak'dor VII and Mayagil sectorc. 22 BBYJoined SeparatistsBith male
Filloreanelected as Supreme Chancellor
FirdAlsakan and Coruscant sectorHuman male
Fonti, AmitaJoined SeparatistsGossam female
Fontin, Karec. 19 BBY–0 BBYHuman male
Fordox, ComCorellia and Corellian sectorc. 33 BBYReplaced by Garm Bel IblisHuman male
Gnoc. 19 BBY–0 BBYmale
GoppleErigormc. 22 BBY–19 BBYHuman male
Goravvus, HaydelTaris and the Taris sector3,966 BBY-3,964 BBYFirst senator of Taris; disappeared during the Siege of Tarishumanoid male
Gracus, BorSluis Van and Sluis sectorc. 33 BBYreplaced by Corlissi LudarHuman male
Grawc. 3,963 BBYMale
GrebleipsBrodo Asogi and the Perinn sectorc. 33 BBY–19 BBYArrested by Palpatinemale
Greejatus, JanusChommell Minor and Chommell sector32 BBY–30 BBYreplaced by Horace VancilHuman male
Greyshade, JheramahdVorzyd V and the Commonalityc. 24 BBYAssassinated by Tsian, replaced by Simon GreyshadeHuman male
Greyshade, SimonVorzyd V and the Commonality24 BBY–0 ABYHuman male
Gunray, NuteNeimoidia and the Trade Federation—44 BBYReplaced by Lott DodNeimoidian male
Ha'Nook, JannieGlithnosc. 20 BBY–19 BBYHuman female
Harbright, SelniaSallichec. 0 BBYHuman female
Herbinc. 22 BBYmale
Howler, ZoGravlex Med and Raioballo sector22 BBY–19 BBYAnx male
Hrul, BoganniOrd Thoden and Dynali sectorc. 22 BBYHuman male
Indriummsegh, Rennimdius B'thogElom and the Sertar sectorc. 22 BBYElomin male
Iridik'k-stalluc. 19 BBYfemale
irm-Drocubac, NemrileoTanjay IVc. 22 BBYAssassinatedTanjayan male
Jubbenc. 22 BBYAssassinated by Zam Wesell
Kaa, Chom FreyRepresentative of Ryloth and the Gaulus sectorc. 32 BBYArrested by Mace WinduTwi'lek male
Kalpanaelected as Supreme Chancellor
Kee, DenariaAssociate Planetary Representative of Murkhana and the Corporate Alliancec. 33 BBY–22 BBYJoined SeparatistsKoorivar female
Kharrus- 22 BBYAssassinated by Weequay piratesGran male
Kim, VidarNaboo and Chommell sector—52 BBYAssassinated supposedly by Palpatine, replaced by PalpatineHuman male
Komain, AletDaimar—19 BBYHuman male
Krasul, ZorinAnaxes3641 BBYHuman male
KrystalMalastare and the Dustig sectorc. 0 BBYHuman male
Kuna, FoRepresentative of Gravlex Med and the Raioballo sector22 BBY–19 BBYAnx male
Kushi, KerchJoined SeparatistsMale
Largettoc. 19 BBYmale
Lawise, BecJoined SeparatistsSiniteen male
Ledwellow, DanryEr'Kit and the Noonian sectorc. 22 BBYEr'Kit male
Lenoan RisiKuat and Kuat sectorc. 22 BBYRemoved from office and replaced by Giddean DanuHuman female
Li, EelenTriffispre-32 BBY—Triffian
Limoth, GarlanTrans-Nebular sectorc. 32 BBY–19 BBYAssassinated on the orders of PalpatineHuman male
Looruya, HavrisoYir Tangeec. 22 BBYHuman male
Ludar, CorlissiSluis Van and Sluis sectorc. 22 BBYJoined SeparatistsSluissi male
Maas, IlovDelphonc. 0 BBYHuman male
Malé-DeeUyter and the Lantillian sector20 BBY–19 BBYArrested by PalpatineHuman male
Matrin, Quorlthe Gordian Reachc. 0 BBYHuman male
Maximc. 33 BBY
McnamaraBefore 1 ABYImperial-alignedmale
Merrik, TalKalevala and the Mandalore sectorc. 22 BBYJoined Separatists and was executed as a traitorHuman male
Metonae, TashAlderaanContemporary with Supreme Chancellor Vaila PecivasHuman
Mezzileen, SignetElected as Supreme Chancellor
Moe, AksMalastare and the Dustig sectorc. 33 BBY–22 BBYAssassinated, replaced by Ask AakGran male
MojeAssociate Planetary Representative of ThustraJoined SeparatistsSephi male
MorvisChandrila and Bormea sectorc. 3963 BBYOn third termHuman female
Mosbree, ArcelBrentaal and Bormea sectorc. 22 BBYRetiredHuman male
Mothma, MonChandrila and Bormea sectorc. 19 BBY–0 BBYExposed as a member of the Rebel Alliance, replaced by Canna OmondaHuman female
MousulAnsion and the Churnis sectorc. 22 BBYJoined SeparatistsAnsionian male
Naberrie, PoojaNaboo and Chommell sectorc. 6 BBY–0 BBYHuman female
NaviThustra and the Sumitra sectorc. 21 BBYJoined Separatists and arrested for attempting to kill YodaSephi male
NetusElected as Minister of Defensemale
Niopua, Ihuc. 21 BBYmale
Not Rab, Motc. 33/32 BBYTarnab male
Nudo, PoAndo and Dufilvian sectorc. 33 BBY–22 BBYJoined Separatists; replaced by an Aquala maleUalaq male
Olbeg, HanPitann and Kathol sectorc. 22 BBYnear-Human male
Omonda, CannaChandrila and Bormea sector0 BBYExecuted by PalpatineHuman female
OraltorIthor and Ottega sectorIthorian male
OrandaAgamar and the Lahara sector3643 BBYHuman female
Organa, BailAlderaan and Alderaan sectorc. 22 BBY–2 BBYMurdered when Alderaan blew up on the orders of PalpatineHuman male
Organa, LeiaAlderaan and Alderaan sector2 BBY–0 BBYArrestedHuman female
Ot'Hyne, EeshrinCaamasc. 22 BBYCaamasi male
Paddie, IsterSermeria and the Locris sectorc. 22 BBYHuman male
PageCorulag and Bormea sectorc. 0 BBYHuman male
Paige-Tarkin, ShaylaEriadu and Seswenna sectorc. 22 BBY–19 BBYHuman female
PalpatineNaboo and Chommell sector52 BBY–32 BBYElected as Supreme Chancellor, replaced by Janus GreejatusHuman male
Pecivas, VailaElected as Supreme Chancellor
Philoc. 22 BBYAssassinated by Cad BaneGran male
Plain, MakAssociate Planetary Representative of the InterGalactic Banking ClanJoined SeparatistsMuun male
Ransa, Biconc. 44 BBYHuman male
RaveinAlderaan and Alderaan sectorHuman male
Regrap, MikAssociate Planetary Representative of Neimoidia and the Trade FederationJoined SeparatistsNeimoidian male
Resbin, JollinSneeve and Kastolar sectorc. 22 BBYSneevel male
Rimbaud, PunnJoined SeparatistsFemale
Ritsomas, BufusTill Chorios and Meridian sectorc. 22 BBYJoined Separatistsmale
Robb, KinTaris and Ojoster sectorc. 22 BBYHuman female
RoddFondor and Tapani sectorc. 23 BBYJoined Separatists, replaced by Canny Mandary BertarHuman male
Hurst Romodi—0 BBYsat in the Death Star conference roomHuman male
Rotramel, TimiDac and Calamari sectorc. 0 BBYExecuted by Darth Vader for attempting to recruit Si-Di-Ri to the Rebel AllianceMon Calamari male
Rotsino, EsuAbrion Major and Abrion sectorc. 22 BBYJoined SeparatistsHuman female
Ryyder, HoroxGravlex Med and Raioballo sectorc. 71 BBY–22 BBYRetired, replaced by Zo HowlerAnx male
Sadashassa, SheaHerdessac. 19 BBYArrested and supposedly executed by PalpatineHuman female
Saam, GumeTibrinc. 19 BBYJoined SeparatistsIshi Tib
Sauro, SanoEerophac. 37 BBY–c. 19 BBYHuman male
Scoritoles, DaggibusYag'Dhulc. 22 BBYJoined SeparatistsGivin male
Sedran, YudrishChalactac. 22 BBYChalactan female
Se'Lab, PoloBothawui and Bothan sectorc. 32 BBY–0 BBYBothan male
Sh'neel, R'shinnosGenassa and M'shinni sectorc. 22 BBYM'shin
Shessaun, SilyaThesme and Thesme sectorc. 19 BBYHuman female
Sidras, MaelAssassinatedHuman male
Sirrom, Gemc. 19 BBYHuman Female
Snopps, ZafielCorulag and Bormea sectorc. 33 BBY–after 19 BBYReplaced by PageHuman male
S'orn, UtaBelascoc. 42 BBYRetired, ArrestedHuman female
SpinceCorellia and Corellian sectorHuman male
StreamdrinkerTynna and the Tynna sector19 BBYArrested and supposedly executed by PalpatineTynnan male
Taa, Orn FreeRyloth and the Gaulus sectorc. 33 BBY–19 BBYTwi'lek male
Talon, Pelc. 19 BBY–c. 2 BBYHuman male
Taloon, RhyaAgridornc. 19 BBYReceived death mark from Palpatine, joined the ErasedHuman female
Tambor, WatMetalorn and the Techno Unionc. 33 BBY–22 BBYJoined SeparatistsSkakoan male
Taneel, TerrNeelanon and Senex sectorc. 19 BBYArrested by PalpatineHuman female
Tara, V'trorenc. 19 BBYTwi'lek male
Tarkin, RanulphEriadu and Seswenna sectorc. 44 BBYKilled, replaced by Shayla-Paige TarkinHuman male
Tarturi, BermAndarac. 26 BBYHuman male
TashrikamGrizmalltc. 22 BBYHuman
Teem, AinleeRepresentative of Malastare and the Dustig sectorc. 32 BBY–22 BBYGran male
T'Egal, Pic. 44 BBYmale
Tal TeffAlzoc III3643 BBY
Thorm, HrekinFedallec. 0 BBYHuman male
TikkesDac and the Calamari sectorc. 33 BBY–22 BBYJoined Separatists, replaced by Meena Tills and Tundra DowmeiaQuarren male
Tills, MeenaDac and the Calamari sector22-19 BBYArrested by Palpatine, replaced by Timi RotramelMon Calamari female
Toora, ToonbuckSy Myrth and the Phelleem sectorc. 33 BBY–22 BBYJoined SeparatistsSy Myrthian female
Toryn, Jassoc. 22 BBYHuman male
Treen, AlastarCorulag and Bormea sectorc. 22 BBYreplaced by Zafiel SnoppsHuman male
Trell, ConnusRepresentative of Ryloth and the Gaulus sectorc. 32 BBYKilled by Jango FettTwi'lek male
Tyrell, BogAleenc. 22 BBYAleena female
Vagger, GorothinAndosha II and the Andoan Free Coloniesc. 22 BBY–19 BBYUalaq male
Vancil, HoraceNaboo and Chommell sector30 BBY–24 BBYsucceeded by Padmé AmidalaHuman male
Valorum, Eixesc.100 BBYElected as Supreme ChancellorHuman
Valorum, FinisSpira and Lytton sector60 BBY–40 BBYElected as Supreme ChancellorHuman male
Valorum, Tarsusc.1000 BBYElected as Supreme ChancellorHuman male
Vibrion, GebnerretGhorman and Sern sectorc. 19 BBY–0 BBYHuman male
Vien'sai'MallocDevaron and Devaron Space22 BBYJoined Separatists and was executed for hiring Aurra Sing to murder Senator Elsah'sai'MoroDevaronian female
Vientoc. 32 BBY–21 BBYJoined Separatists and assassinatedHuman male
Vordu, AlkuDaroonc. 0 BBYHuman male
Wallen, JonusDarlon and Darlon sectorc. 22 BBYCensuredHuman male
Wena HavidKalarbac. 5 BBYKilledHuman male
Wodrata, RogwaAlliga and Phelleem sectorc. 22 BBYJoined SeparatistsHolwuff male
Wojaine, WujaPydyr and the Mortex sectorc. 22 BBYJoined SeparatistsPydyrian
Wrede, LanusSermeria and the Locris sectorc. 22 BBYSupposedly committed suicide, replaced by Ister PaddieHuman male
Wren, Lavina Durada-VashneCularin34-19 BBYHuman female
WuxodDerilyn and Elrood sectorc. 0 BBYHuman male
YaruaKashyyyk and Mytaranor sectorc. 33 BBY–19 BBYWookiee male
Yeb, Solipoc. 19 BBYHuman male
YufwaMalastarec. 22 BBYGran male
Unidentified Echani SenatorEshanKilled by Darth RevanEchani
Zar, FangSern Prime and Sern sectorc. 22 BBY–19 BBYArrested by PalpatineHuman male
Zian, GromSolu Five3,641 BBYArrested for treasonChagrian male
ZurrosFalleenc. 21 BBYJoined SeparatistsFalleen male
Eero Iridian's father[1]c. 90 BBY[1]Male of a species[1]

Separatist Senators

"This is a democracy, and unlike the Republic, corporations do not rule us."
―Senator Kerch Kushi, to Senator Voe Atell[src]
Senator Planet Sector Term Notes Species and gender
Atell, Voec. 21 BBYAlien female
Bluss, Byc. 21 BBYAlien male
Bonteri, LuxOnderonc. 21 BBYReplaced his mother, later renounced the SeparatistsHuman male
Bonteri, MinaOnderonc. 21 BBYMurdered ordered secretly by DookuHuman female
Fonti, Amitac. 21 BBYGossam female
Kushi, Kerchc. 21 BBYAlien male
Lawise, Becc. 21 BBYBecame Separatist Congress LeaderSiniteen male
Rimbaud, Punnc. 21 BBYAmphibious alien female

New Republic and Galactic Alliance Senators

Senator Planet Sector Term Notes Species and gender
Gial AckbarMon CalamariCalamari sector4 ABY–c. 10 ABYReplaced by Q-VarxMon Calamari male
A'Kla, ElegosCaamas--19 ABY25 ABYMurdered by Shedao Shai, replaced by Releqy A'KlaCaamasi male
A'Kla, ReleqyCaamas--25 ABY–c. 35 ABYCaamasi female
Amamanamthe B'das people--c. 16 ABYB'das male
Amara----Human male
Anglethorn, DarialBehebothSanbra sector7 ABY–after 8 ABYHuman female
ArastideGantho--c. 13 ABYHuman male
Behn-kihl-nahm----prior to 16 ABYElected as Senate Chairmanmale
Bel Iblis, GarmCorelliaCorellian sector11 ABY–prior to 16 ABYReplaced by Chelch DravvadHuman male
Beruss, DomanCorelliaCorellian sector4 ABY–c. 10 ABYReplaced by Garm Bel IblisHuman female
Beruss, DomanIllodiaIllodia sectorc. 16 ABYHuman male
Bogen, Ab'elRalltiirDarpa sectorc. 16 ABYHuman male
Boma (Gungan)NabooChommell sectorc. 13 ABYGungan male
Boras, FygVortexGlythe sectorc. 26 ABY–c. 28 ABYVor male
Bramsin, FostCoruscantCoruscant sectorc. 43 ABYHuman male
B'thog Indriummsegh, VerrinnefraElomSertar sector4 ABY–c. 10 ABYReplaced by RattagagechElomin male
CharrCorelliaCorellian sectorc.40 ABYHuman male
CilghalDacCalamari sectorc. 13 ABY–c. 24 ABYReplaced by Pwoe and Gron MarrabMon Calamari female
C-GosfGosfamblingLifh sectorc. 17 ABYGosfambling male
ChoFï----c. 6 ABY–c. 17 ABYmale
Coome, R'yet[2]Exodeen[3]--17 ABYExodeenian male
Cornin, Ala--female
Cundertol, MolierreBakuraShiritoku Spurc. 16 ABY17 ABYHuman male
Deega, NaraClak'dor VIIMayagil sectorc. 16 ABYreplaced by E'noroBith male
Drankin----c. 16 ABYHuman male
Dravvad, ChelchCorelliaCorellian sectorc. 25 ABY–c. 27 ABYReplaced by CharrHuman male
Drey'lye, TiurggBothawuiBothan sectorc. 43 ABYhead of the Senate Unification Preparations CommitteeBothan male
Dru, Dall TharaRaxxa--c. 16 ABYHuman female
Dx'ono, GhicIshtIshori Confederenec. 19 ABYIshori male
E'noroClak'dor VIIMayagil sectorc. 26 ABYBith female
Ekhat, NavMurkhanaAuril sectorc. 40 ABYmale
Falanthas, Mokka----c. 13 ABY–c. 16 ABYHuman
Feswin, ChauElroodElrood sectorc. 28 ABYHuman male
Fey'lya, BorskKothlisBothan sector4 ABY24 ABYElected as President; replaced by Mak SezalaBothan male
Frammel----c. 16 ABY
G'Sil, G'vliCoruscantCoruscant sectorc. 40 ABYReplaced by Bramsin FostHuman male
Gadan, AddathVannix--c. 8 ABY27 ABYExposed as traitorHuman female
Gahan, GialMon CalamariCalamari sectorc. 130 ABYExecuted by Darth KraytMon Calamari male
Gavrisom, Poncthe Calibop people--prior to 19 ABYelected as PresidentCalibop male
Gno----c. 6 ABY–c. 17 ABYmale
Harbright, BorertSalliche--c. 25 ABYHuman male
H'aas, NabClak'dor VIIMayagil sectorc. 41 ABYBith
Hodidiji----c. 16 ABYmale
Iman, J'meskthe Tamran people--c. 24 ABYTamran male
Kvarm Jia--Tapani sectorc. 27 ABYHuman male
Kem, RokariQarasc. 44 ABYelected as PresidentJessar female
Kerrithrarr[3]KashyyykMytaranor sector4 ABY–c. 17 ABYVoted against former Imperials to serve in the Senate[3]Wookiee male[3]
Korden, AraniNabooChommell sectorNew Republic era[4]Human female
Kybacca[5]------Voted against former Imperials to serve in the Senate[5]Wookiee female[5]
Lillald----c. 16 ABYHuman male
M'yet Luure[2]Exodeen[2]--17 ABYmurdered; replaced by R'yet Coome[2]Exodeenian male
Marook, CianHrasskis--11 ABY–c. 17 ABYHrasskis male
Marrab, GronDacCalamari sectorc. 25 ABY–c. 29 ABYMon Calamari male
MeidoAdin--17 ABYmale
Miatamia, PotoloDiamal--c. 19 ABYDiamal male
Moolis, UmwawIthorOttega sectorc. 12 ABYIthorian female
Mothma, MonCouncilor of ChandrilaBormea sector4 ABY11 ABYelected as PresidentHuman female
Mulaxis, MuchardisOvise IIIModdell sectorprior to 19 ABYAyrou male
NavikRodiaSavareen sectorc. 25 ABY–c. 29 ABYreplaced by Moog UlurRodian male
Niuv, NiukSullustBrema sectorc. 25 ABY–c. 29 ABYSullustan male
Noimm, Cair Tok----c. 16 ABYfemale
NyxyRudrigTion Hegemonyc. 17 ABYreplaced by Thuv Shinev
Odaay, LuralonLimbala sectorsome time between 11 ABY and 18 ABYassassinatedTurian male
Omas, CalAlderaanAlderaan sectorafter 11 ABY27 ABYelected as PresidentHuman male
Ovin, PadnelKlatooinec. 44 ABYelected as PresidentKlatooinian male
Peramis, TigWalallaSeventh Security Zone16 ABYcensuredHuman male
Ph'OllaClak'dor VIIMayagil sectorc. 41 ABYBith
PlifArbraBon'nyuw-Luq sectorc. 6 ABY–c. 25 ABYHoojib male
Praget, KrallEdatha--c. 16 ABYEdathan male
PwoeDacCalamari sectorc. 25 ABY28 ABYexposed as a traitorQuarren male
Pym, Drextar[6]Excarga[6]Herios sector--Lead the panel responsible for prosecuting former Imperial officials and military leaders; attempt made on his life by a former member of the Storm commandos.[6]Human male[6]
Quedlifu----c. 19 ABY
Quis, ColaRylothGaulus sectorc. 27 ABY–c. 29 ABYTwi'lek male
Q-Varx[7]Dac[7]Calamari sector[7]13 ABYA New Republic Council member and a leader of the Rationalist Party on Dac; he accepted a bribe to arrange a meeting between Leia Organa Solo and Seti Ashgad.[7] He was replaced by CilghalMon Calamari male[7]
Ranth, Ta'laamAntar 4--c. 25 ABY–c. 35 ABYGotal male
RattagagechElomSertar sectorc. 16 ABYElomin male
Rockbender, DegganTatooineArkanis sectorc. 44 ABYHuman male
Rodan, FyorCommenor--c. 25 ABY–c. 29 ABYHuman male
Sezala, MakBothawuiBothan sector24 ABY–c. 27 ABYreplaced by Tiurrg Drey'lyeBothan male
Shesh, ViqiKuatKuat sector19 ABY26 ABYexposed as a traitorHuman female
Shibatthi----c. 19 ABY
Shinev, Thuv--Tion Hegemonyc. 25 ABY–c. 29 ABYHuman male
SoBilles, JenssarDuroDuro sector4 ABY–c. 10 ABYDuros male
Solo, Leia OrganaCouncilor of AlderaanAlderaan sector4 ABY11 ABYelected as President; replaced by Hrekin ThormHuman female
Tevv, SianCouncilor of SullustBrema sector4 ABY–c. 10 ABYSignatory of the Declaration of a New Republic; replaced by Niuk NiuvSullustan male
Treen, HaydnatKuatKuat sectorc. 43 ABYHuman female
TriebakkKashyyykMytaranor sectorc. 25 ABY35 ABYMember of the New Republic Advisory CouncilWookiee male
TruborChadJospro sector24 ABYKilled while investigating the Diversity AllianceChadra-Fan male
TuomiBosch--c. 16 ABYBosch male
Typia----c. 13 ABYA member of the Daysong political faction
Ulur, MoogRodiaSavareen sectorc. 35 ABYRodian male
Verwood, KaysilIridoniaGlythe sector4 ABYZabrak female
Wuul, LuewetSullustc. 44 ABYSullustan male
WwebylsYn--c. 17 ABYYn male
Wynlthe Baragwin people--c. 25 ABYBaragwin male
Yar, TolikOolidi--c. 16 ABY–c. 25 ABYMember of the Council on Security and IntelligenceOolid male
Zalk'tThyferraJaso sectorc. 35 ABYVratix
ZilarPraesitlynSluis sectorc. 16 ABYMember of the Senate Defense CouncilHuman male
Unidentified Exodeenian senator[3]Exodeen[3]--17 ABY[3]Killed during the Senate Hall bombing[3]Exodeenian male[3]
Unidentified Nyny senator[3]Nyny[3]Ash Worlds17 ABY[3]Killed during the Senate Hall bombing[3]Nyny species male[3]

Bakuran Senators

Other Senators

Nom Anor and Tamaktis Breetha, Rhommamoolian Senate.


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