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The Senatorial Palace on Rodia was the living quarters of Senator Onaconda Farr, situated in an archipelago.


The compound had several outlying landing pads, situated right behind the gates of the defensive dome that protected the residence. A detention tower was located next to the main building, where prisoners could be taken and isolated.

Farr had a living room within the residence which displayed the various stuffed animal trophies he had accumulated over his lifetime.


During the Clone Wars, the senator stayed on Rodia to support his starving people, rather than head back to Coruscant. He was visited by his long-time friend, Padmé Amidala in his residence, and had her taken prisoner in exchange for the services of Nute Gunray, who had promised Farr his aid.

During the ensuing rescue mission inside the residence, Jar Jar Binks managed to destroy Gunray's transport and helped capture the Trade Federation viceroy.



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