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"I happen to know this jail is en route to the Bandit purges in Senex-Juvex."
Captain-Inspector Magna Tolvan, to the warden of the Accresker Jail[src]

The Senex-Juvex was located in the galaxy's Mid Rim.[1] It was comprised of the Senex sector and the Juvex sector. During the last years of the Galactic Republic, the Senex-Juvex was plagued by Q'anah's Marauders, a pirate group led by Q'anah, a pirate queen, seen as a folk hero in the Senex. The gang raided ships and settlements across the region until an encounter with the Judicial Forces led to a bounty being placed on Q'anah's head by the Republic, which forced the pirates to relocate their operation to the more-remote Greater Seswenna.[2] At some point following the infiltration of Hivebase-1, the Imperial prison Accresker Jail was en route to Senex-Juvex where the Bandit purges were held.[3]

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