"Every regime eventually falters. I'd be wise to get out before the towers start crumbling."

Colonel Senks was a Human male agent of Darth Baras, posing as a leader of Corellian resistance during the Galactic War.


During the Battle of Corellia, Senks posed as a leader of Corellian resistance while doing spy work for the Sith Lord Darth Baras, whose secrets he safeguarded. He maintained a base of operations in a stronghold in the Labor Valley of Coronet City that allowed him to escape through a labyrinth of secret passages. Darth Vowrawn planned to take him out and delivered pulse disruptors to the Emperor's Wrath in order to lock Senks' secret passages so that he could be cornered. Upon being confronted by Sith, Senks admitted to being Baras' spy. Assuming the Wrath to be one of the rogue Sith he was to keep in check, Senks pleaded to be spared, explaining that he send resistance forces into battles they could not win and that without him, the Empire would lose the upper hand. However, the Wrath refused to listen to his merciful words and killed Senks before destroying his database.


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