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"Watch your back, because you know Vek is too incompetent to watch it for you."
―an anonymous message on Ithorak Guldar's datapad[src]

Senni Vek was a male green Twi'lek who worked for Genoharadan guildmaster Ithorak Guldar in Ahto City on Manaan in 3,956 BBY. He was often complaining about his abusive boss, and occasionally wore the uniform of a Sith officer to make himself look intimidating, though he favored the Echani light armor when on assignment.

Though the guildmasters were not supposed to be aware of each other's identities, Vek was an acquiantance of another guildmaster, the Rodian Hulas. Given his disgruntled relationship with Guldar, Vek was easily convinced to do a special assignment for Hulas; to track down feared bounty hunter Calo Nord and provide him with an invitation to join the Genoharadan. To Vek's surprise, however, Nord fell in battle with the former Sith Lord Revan. Vek improvised and extended Hulas' offer to Revan, though he doubted the redeemed Sith would accept the offer.

Behind the Scenes

In the light side version of the events, it is assumed the Revan did not agree to join the Genoharadan, and Vek is never seen again.

Alternative dark side story

After accepting Hulas' offer to join the Genoharadan, Revan encountered Vek again in the Manaan swoop lounge, during a mission to kill Guldar. Revan can persuade Vek to help him kill Guldar, or he can kill them both.


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