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Sensor pack

A sensor pack

"Sir, sensors detected something near drone vessel 171 but it disappeared almost immediately. We think it was just an echo…"
"No, this is the moment we've been waiting for. The Rebels have made their move."
―An Imperial Navy crewman and his captain[1]

A sensor was one of any of a range of complex devices that enhanced something's ability to receive data about its environment.



The ANq-51 sensor array rectenna dish on the Millennium Falcon

All starships carried sensors, as did most vehicles and droids. Depending on the sensor, they could detect and analyze many forms of data, such as electromagnetic radiation, sound and vibration, gravity, nuclear radiation, magnetic fields, heat, pressure, trace chemicals, or the emissions of other sensors.

Sensors were, of course, not perfect. Not only could they fail to detect what they should or present false "ghost" images, they could be interfered with by natural phenomena like solar radiation, hydrogen clouds, asteroid fields, and potent gravity wells; and by artificial phenomena such as sensor jammers, sensor decoys, shield camouflage, stealth technology, and, of course, cloaking devices.

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