"Attention all Ripoblus and Dimok craft, this is Imperial space. You are hereby ordered to stand down or face the consequences!"
Imperial officer to Ripoblus and Dimok forces.[src]

The Sepan campaign was a series of battles that occurred as the Galactic Empire attempted to bring an end to the Sepan Civil War in 3 ABY.

The CampaignEdit

Respond to S.O.S.Edit

Building on their momentum after the victory at Hoth in 3 ABY, Admiral Harkov received the assignment to put down the civil war between the Ripoblus and Dimok factions. Admiral Harkov briefed his crew on use of force to make peace in the Sepan system, while Secret Order representatives, ever present aboard Imperial starships, warned key pilot Maarek Stele that conflicting reports of events among the Sepan system did not seem normal—pilots should be wary of anything suspicious.

Victory-class Star Destroyer Protector entered the system just as a Ripoblus convoy came under attack by Dimok marauders. Ripoblus modular conveyors Asbo and Lambda-class T-4a shuttles Bezil, Gamu, and Bredis found themselves under fire from Dimok BTL Y-wing starfighters, escorted by Assassin-class corvette Falx, Cargo ferries Delphine, Mangonel, and MC40a light cruiser Falaricae.

Protector launched two flight groups of TIE/LN starfighters to drive off the Dimok attackers, while a single group of TIE/sa bombers attacked corvette Falx. Imperial TIE fighters quickly began to drive off Dimok raiders with superior firepower. While Dimok and Imperial starfighters clashed, a single fighter inspected the contents of transports Asbo, revealing Imperial arms and other munitions. The Protector's interceptors succeeded in driving off the Dimok attack force, deploying Delta-class DX-9 stormtrooper transport Epsilon 1 to disable and capture the vessels for in-depth inspection by Imperial Stormtroopers.

As Epsilon 1 successfully disabled the conveyors, a Ripoblus Delta-class JV-7 escort shuttle emerged from hyperspace, heading for Epsilon 1. TIE fighters moved to intercept the shuttles before they could interfere with capture operations. Having driven off the Dimok and capturing stolen Imperial property aboard Asbo, Imperial vessels returned to Victory Star Destroyer Protector.

Protector TIE

A TIE fighter returning to the Protector after repelling the Dimok attack.

Intercept attackEdit

As retaliation for the raid on their convoy, Ripoblus forces launched an attack against a Dimok space station. The initial Ripoblus attack consisted of two Assassin-class corvettes and six Gamma-class ATR-6 assault transports. The Dimok XQ1 Platform Youst only had a handful of Z-95 Headhunters and escort shuttles and soon its defenses were exhausted.

Aboard Protector, Imperial leaders insisted control be established swiftly, fearing that the Sepan conflict could begin spilling over into neighboring star systems. Pilots received orders to destroy the Ripoblus raiders, but only sufficient numbers to drive off the attack. Secret Order agents again tasked select Maarek Stele to inspect the station, dubious of the station's purpose, furthermore to be observant of other strange activity. Hoping to send a concise message, the Protector deployed TIE fighters and bombers to thwart the Ripoblus strike, beginning with making an example out of one of the Assassin-class corvettes. Midway in the battle, the Ripoblus Nebulon-B2 frigate Dromon exited hyperspace and attacked Protector. The frigate, however, was outmatched and destroyed by the Victory Destroyer and TIE bombers who turned back to deal with the new threat. Bombers from Beta group succeeded in destroying Ripoblus corvette Galliot and several assault transports, causing the Ripoblus to withdraw.

As Ripoblus forces began to leave the system, TIE bomber Beta 2 inspected the nearby Station and cargo containers, proving Ripoblus claims that Station Youst conducted weapons research. Protector launched two transports from Epsilon group to capture weapons found among the station, aided by TIE bombers Beta. Following the successful capture operations, Imperial shuttle Toten emerged from Protector's hangar, carrying the First Officer, departing for an unknown location.

Rescue war refugeesEdit

Following the Ripoblus raid on Station Youst, Admiral Harkov's forces received a request from Ripoblus refugees seeking asylum from the Sepan conflict. Chiefly scientists, the refugees had hijacked an IPV-1 System Patrol Craft and a couple of Lambda-class shuttles, yet lacking hyperdrive, could not flee the system aboard the patrol craft. Protector accepted the refugees' request, deploying TIE fighters and interceptors to cover docking operations between the Protector and patrol craft Glas, while expecting reprisals from the Ripoblus government. As expected, the Protector arrived near the Glas as Ripoblus shuttles and Y-wings began an assault to foil the refugee escape into Imperial hands.

Imperial TIE interceptors easily bested the initial attack force, only to discover additional waves of Ripoblus and even Dimok forces attempting to stop the docking operation. With secure space around the Protector, patrol craft Glas succeeded in transferring refugees over to the Protector. Refugee shuttles Nazaar 1 & 2 took sanctuary inside the Protector's hangar, but not before a final raid of Ripoblus escort shuttles arrived. Imperial fighters promptly put down the futile attempt by the Dimok raiders, aided by the decimating support of the Protector's turbolasers.

Glas dock

IPV-1 System Patrol Craft Glas docking with Victory-class Star Destroyer Protector.

Capture enemiesEdit

With the refugees safely aboard the Protector, Admiral Harkov could return to pacifying the Sepan system. Imperial Intelligence discovered plans of a deep space rendezvous between Ripoblus and Dimok leaders near Sepan 8. Harkov's forces organized a special operations mission to intercept and capture the leaders of both sides in attempt to expedite peace. Two transports from Omega, escorted by eight Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing assault gunboats, entered the system where the meeting was taking place.

Gunboats disabled Dimok shuttle Keydon, and Ripoblus shuttle Phantele. As transports Omega proceeded to seize the occupants of the shuttles, gunboats clashed against Z-95 Headhunters and escort shuttles deployed from Ripoblus EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate Shemsher, Dimok Nebulon-B2 frigate Manus Ferre, and Calamari Cruiser Falaricae. Gunboats succeeded at repressing enemy fire from Omega 1 & 2 while docking completed. Transports Omega slipped into hyperspace with cargo aboard, leaving intercepting forces to Imperial gunboats.

During the hostilities, Cargo Ferries Godendag and Glaive arrived, accompanied by Assassin-class corvette Runka. Gunboats Mu disengaged from the dogfight to inspect these new craft, discovering Imperial arms within. This confirmed suspicious of the Secret Order, who previously suggested Dimok and Ripoblus forces lacked industrial capabilities to arm themselves to the visible degree they had. Gunboats Mu succeeded in destroying Ferries Glaive and Godendag before returning to the Protector.

Following the raid, Imperial forces discovered the occupants of the Dimok and Ripoblus shuttles to be merely the children of conflict leaders. Further interrogation revealed that conflict leaders intended to use their children as a cynical attempt to keep either side in adherence to a new treaty. Dimok and Ripoblus leaders designed this treaty to stop hostilities among one another in the hopes to drive out the Imperial presence.

Guard the resupplyEdit

Operational losses required replacements for Victory Star Destroyer Protector's TIE Squadrons. The accent depleted forces; Ton-Falk-class escort carrier Tropsobor rendezvoused with the Protector to drop off four groups of the new TIE Avenger starfighters. During such an exposed operation, Imperial forces expected a combined attack from Dimok and Ripoblus forces.

The Protector's standard patrol of TIE fighters encountered a dual pronged attack just moments after Tropsobor began ferrying the new Avengers to Protector's hangar. The Dimok Assassin-class corvette Long Tan and Mon Calamari Light Cruiser Ben Het arrived and immediatedly launched Z-95 Headhunters to attack the TIE Avengers, while wave after wave of Y-wings exited hyperspace to launch proton torpedos against the Tropsobor.

TIE Interceptors Gamma and TIE fighters Alpha had the difficult task of escorting the TIE Avengers and protecting Tropsobor, beating off the attacking Z-95s and then holding back the relentless assault from the Y-wings. Protector also initiated a counter-attack as TIE Bombers from Beta group began torpedo runs against Ben Het. Maarek Stele, despite piloting a standard TIE Fighter, was instrumental in ensuring the safety of the Avengers and Tropsobor, and even aided in the destruction of Ben Het.

Reportedly, all of the TIE Avengers arrived safely aboard Protector, thanks to their speed and deflector shields. Mission complete, carrier Tropsobor entered hyperspace.

The Ripoblus conducted an attack of their own, uncoordinated with the Dimoks, as Delta-class JV-7 escort shuttles targeted Protector. However, lacking warheads and arriving too late to disrupt the completely ferry mission, the escort shuttles were destroyed by Protector's turbolasers and TIEs from Alpha and Gamma squadrons.

Not soon after, Imperial shuttle Omlaut arrived from hyperspace. TIE fighter Alpha 2, piloted by Stele, performed a passive scan of the shuttle, revealing the presence of a Rebel Leader aboard, headed toward Victory Star Destroyer Protector.

With information gained from the re-supply mission, members of the Secret Order concluded that with increasing supply shortages aboard the Protector, and various Imperial weapons being found among Dimok and Ripoblus cargo holds, Admiral Harkov must be running a black market operation in the Sepan system, specifically selling to both sides of the Sepan conflict. Secret Order agents rapidly took information about these discrepancies to the attention of Lord Darth Vader himself.

End of the warEdit

Soon after receiving the new TIE Avengers, Admiral Harkov addressed leaders of the Sepan system. Harkov declared the end of the Sepan Civil War, demanding that both sides lay down their arms. Harkov continued, suggesting that peace and increase prosperity will be achieved by cooperating with the Empire, moreover reparations of their planets had already begun.

While temporarily suppressed by the Empire, under a negotiated peace treaty between the Ripoblus and the Dimok, the war would once again flare up during the Second Galactic Civil War.

Notable ParticipantsEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

The Sepan Campaign known as Tour of Duty 2 or Battle 2 The Sepan Civil War in Star Wars: TIE Fighter. Maarek Stele receives promotions to lieutenant and captain during the course of this campaign.

Gamespot's Jason Ocampo listed Battle 2 Mission 5 as his favorite level in TIE Fighter. [1]



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