The Separatist stronghold was a fortress used by the Mantellian Separatist Movement in the heart of Mount Avilatan, a volcano on Ord Mantell.


The still-active volcano of Mount Avilatan held a large base, originally thought to be built by a gangster known as 'The Corellian.' Several years into the ongoing civil war, the gangster disappeared from his volcano stronghold.

The original stronghold was thought to be on the island fort of Mannett Point, but Republic operatives discovered it inside Mount Avilatan.



The Separatist stronghold appears as a volcano from the outside. It is entirely within the volcano. Mount Avilatan has a predator-eye view of Fort Garnik, Mannett Point, and the entire Avilatan island.


The volcano fortress is made up of three levels. The entry level, or level one, is composed of a long hallway with multiple antechambers. The hallway terminates into the heart of the volcano. While above the lava, level one is the closest to the lava floor, and much of its ground is composed of rock from the volcano. Level one also is the primary cargo level. Lava eruptions can easily surpass the ground floor of level one.

Level two can be reached by an elevator on level one. The second level is composed of a large catwalk surrounding most of the edge of the volcano core. Several antechambers extend into the volcano walls. Most of the command room can be found on level two. Separatist commanders are often found here.

Level three is the largest of the levels. It included storage space for freight, command centers, and a large hanger capable of accepting several freighters. Separatist leaders were also found here.



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