Sequencer charges were a weapon used during the Galactic Civil War. They had two settings: automatic and manual. The automatic setting worked like a land mine, while manual worked like a detonation pack.

The sequencer charges focussed blasts were commonly used to set off chain reactions within power plants. Placing one of the charges on an exhaust port or power junction could detonate the power core, causing a massive shockwave several kilometers wide. The final blast radius depended on the output of the power core. When used against enemy troopers, it was best used around corners, so as to get enemies when they rounded the corner. The device could be attached to any surface, and would work well underwater.

Kyle Katarn demonstrated the sequencer charge's destructive capability when he destroyed the Imperial mining facility on Gromas 16, as well as the dark trooper weapons lab on Anteevy and the Arc Hammer itself. The Dark Jedi Jerec was also known for equipping his troops with them.

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