"Ashandrik's on Seregar, a jungle world out on the Rim. Real bush territory."
―Jerik Snivas[2]

Seregar was an Outer Rim jungle planet with a breathable atmosphere and green and blue vegetation. The planet's flora included a carnivorous plant, while an example of its fauna was the predator known as the ravenbeast. Years before the Battle of Endor, several corporations ran mining operations on Seregar; however, once the natural resources they were harvesting ran out, the companies abandoned the jungle world. Eventually, the planet attracted smugglers, with locales in the settlement of Storrd Township, such as the CrossWind Saloon and Cather Taan's Gun Shop, catering to their needs.

Several years after the mining corporations pulled out of Seregar, the Human bounty hunter and criminal Tern Ashandrik had established a hideout in an abandoned tolium refinery in Seregar's jungle. He devised a trap to capture a fellow bounty hunter wanted by the Galactic Empire. To this end, Ashandrik led the hunter and the hunter's companions to believe there was a substantial bounty on Ashandrik's head. That piece of misinformation led the group on a hunt throughout such Seregan locations as Storrd Township and Sutloo's Trading Post. The bounty hunter group faced several members of Ashandrik's gang and ultimately confronted the criminal in the abandoned refinery, where they defeated him.


"A lotta abandoned mining stations overgrown with jungle. It's the perfect place to hide; it's just dumb luck that Ashandrik got spotted."
―Jerik Snivas[2]

Seregar was a planet with a single sun[2] that was located within the Seregar system, a part of the Outer Rim Territories' Calaron sector.[1] When viewed from space, it appeared to be a serene world with turquoise land masses and blue seas. Seregar had a hot and humid climate. The area surrounding the planet's Storrd Township settlement was covered in a vast jungle of green and blue vegetation, including large trees as well as vines and creepers. A carnivorous plant grew in a large pit filled with a thick liquid and fed off the remains of any creatures that became stuck inside. Seregar was home to the ravenbeasts, large bipedal predators with violet fur and horns.[2]


"Anyway, TaggeCo. has just posted a 28,000 credit bounty on him. This wouldn't mean much, 'cept that I got a word a day or so ago that his ship, the Arbalest, was spotted on a planet out in the Rim!"
―Jerik Snivas, on Tern Ashandrik[2]

Several years before the Battle of Endor, littrium and tolium were mined on Seregar by a number of corporations, including Trigdale Metallurgy. When these natural resources ran out, the corporations abandoned Seregar. Over the following years, the jungle planet gradually became a convenient stop for smugglers, and starship traffic to the planet began to return to the previous level of activity. At some point during this time, the Human male bounty hunter Tern Ashandrik began to visit Seregar with his gang.[2]

Tern Ashandrik, who planned to capture a group of bounty hunters on Seregar

Years after the corporations pulled out of Seregar, a group of bounty hunters, including a hunter who was wanted by the Galactic Empire, met the licensed expediter Jerik Snivas in the Tallifax Inn aboard the Kwenn Space Station. Snivas told the group about a bounty that the corporation TaggeCo. had supposedly recently posted on Ashandrik and informed them that the criminal was hiding somewhere on Seregar. After making a deal with Snivas by which he would have the bounty posting delayed in return for a payment in credits, the hunters made their way to the jungle planet.[2]

The hunt begins[]

"You seek dangerous prey."
―Tendler Vek, to the bounty hunter and his companions[2]

Landing their starship in the Storrd Township settlement, the bounty hunters were advised by Ordrin Masst, the Human owner of the landing field, to visit the CrossWind Saloon in order to gather information. When the group entered the Saloon, the Human bartender Lorek pointed out the Human gambler Tendler Vek to them, who offered the hunters the chance to win the information he had on Ashandrik in a game of sabacc. After the bounty hunters won the game, Vek told them what he knew about the criminal's past visits to Seregar and also indicated that the Human Cheln Arroway, a thug also present in the Saloon at that moment, was a member of Ashandrik's gang.[2]

While the group was observing Arroway in order to follow him, the hunters were approached by the Crosswind Saloon's Human owner, Daralla Errine, whom Lorek had secretly contacted. Errine sold what information she had on Ashandrik to the bounty hunters, telling them he used to visit the nearby Cather Taan's Gun Shop and that he had previously had dealings with the Devaronian spice trader Shesstellek, who was also present in the Saloon. After the bounty hunter group approached Shesstellek with questions about Ashandrik, the Devaronian nervously left the Saloon as a result, and the group subsequently visited Cather Taan's Gun Shop.[2]

At the weapons store, the hunters met the Human Rebel saboteur Zurric Que'stiil and were eventually given directions by the store's owner, the Human Cather Taan, to a former hideout of Ashandrik's located in an abandoned section of Storrd Township. There, the bounty hunter group encountered Arroway, who tried to escape on a speeder bike, only to be pursued by the hunters in their own speeder. After a chase through an abandoned construction site, Arroway led the group into an old rock quarry, where the hunters were ambushed by the Marauders, a local swoop gang hired by another member of Ashandrik's gang, the Rodian gunrunner Neechak. Defeating the Marauders, the bounty hunters learned the current whereabouts of Neechak.[2]

Showdown in the jungle[]

"You are hereby informed that you are wanted for crimes against the Empire, and that I am authorized by Imperial Remandation Order 421BX72 to take any and all actions necessary to bring you to justice. I advise you and your companions to surrender at once or I will be required to use deadly force against you."
"This was almost too easy…"
―Tern Ashandrik and Lliandri, to the bounty hunter[2]

En route to the Callamvor Hotel, where the Rodian was staying, the hunters were approached by the Twi'lek female bounty hunter Lliandri, who joined them in their hunt for Ashandrik, supposedly for personal reasons. Together, the group visited the hotel, only to discover that Neechak had been murdered in his room. A search of the apartment turned up a clue that pointed to an abandoned Trigdale Metallurgy tolium refinery. The bounty hunter group then hiked through the jungle toward the refinery, suffering a ravenbeast ambush on the way, as well as encountering a carnivorous plant.[2]

Lliandri attempted to force information out of Shesstellek.

When the bounty hunters arrived at the Trigdale refinery, they shortly realized the facility was too large for them to find Ashandrik in without more specific directions, and they were forced to return to Storrd Township. While settling in for the night, the group was approached by Shesstellek, who offered information on Ashandrik in exchange for credits the Devaronian needed to get off-world. Once paid, the spice merchant revealed that Ashandrik's gang regularly bought supplies at Sutloo's Trading Post, which was located outside Storrd Township. The hunters visited the trading post and, in the following morning, confronted Gorrul Wyke, a Human member of Ashandrik's gang who had arrived there for supplies. After being defeated, Wyke revealed to the group Ashandrik's hiding place within the refinery.[2]

Arriving at the Trigdale refinery, the bounty hunter group followed Wyke's directions toward Ashandrik's supposed location but was ambushed by Ashandrik and his forces. When Lliandri turned against the group at that moment, the hunters realized the entire hunt for Ashandrik had been a trap set by the criminal in order to capture them. The bounty hunters then fought Lliandri, Ashandrik, and the other criminals, eventually defeating them.[2]


"Used to be big mining there—before the littrium and tolium ran out—but now the place is folded up, a ghost town. There's a few people left—some small businesses and a few smugglers hiding out from the Impies—but it's mostly backwater stuff."
―Jerik Snivas[2]

Years before the Battle of Endor, a number of mining corporations maintained a presence on Seregar; the original settlers of the planet included the Human Sutloo. After the corporations abandoned the jungle world, it became nearly deserted; however, over the years Seregar began to attract a population consisting mostly of smugglers or individuals catering to smugglers' needs. During this time, the planet became home to members of several species, including Humans, Klatooinians, Rodians, and Whiphids. The Seregan inhabitants spoke Galactic Basic Standard.[2]


"You look like some tough customers. Place might burn down if you got to shooting indoors…"
―Sutloo, to the bounty hunter and his group[2]

Seregar featured numerous mining stations in the jungle, but they became overgrown once the mining corporations abandoned the planet. The Trigdale Metallurgy consortium had built a tolium refinery a few kilometers from the Storrd Township settlement. The refinery was a large complex of corroded pipes, dark and narrow corridors, vast processing rooms, and numerous catwalks. There were also several landing bays for repulsorlift vehicles at the processing plant, including Bay 45-A15, which led to Tern Ashandrik's hiding place on one of the refinery's main levels.[2]

Sutloo's Trading Post

Sutloo's Trading Post was another Seregan location situated outside of Storrd Township. Located three kilometers away from the settlement, it was a wooded building constructed around the trunk of a large, blue tree, with an area of the jungle adjacent to the tree cleared away in order to function as a landing strip. The trading post was operated by the Human male Sutloo, who sold supplies, such as food, power cells, and camping equipment, to individuals who wanted to avoid Storrd Township for shopping.[2]

Storrd Township[]

"The only place you can land a ship there is a hole in the wall they call Storrd Township. They've got a landing field and a sort of spaceport, if you're not too picky."
―Jerik Snivas[2]

The only settlement on Seregar with a landing field, Storrd Township was a small city during the time when the planet hosted mining operations, but after the corporations left the jungle world, many buildings in Storrd Township became vacant, with entire sections of the township becoming abandoned and derelict. One such run-down neighborhood housed a structure with a comm unit, which Cheln Arroway used to contact Ashandrik's gang.[2]

The more populated and well-maintained districts were located closer to Storrd Township's landing field, which could accommodate at least seven small freighters and was located next to a large building that functioned both as a control tower and a repair facility. The landing field was operated by the Human Ordrin Masst, while his sons, Burdek and Nofft, ran the repair facility. The Callamvor Hotel was located near the landing field, and the Rodian Neechak stayed there in room 3-12 until his murder.[2]

The center of Storrd Township housed two prominent buildings—the CrossWind Saloon and Cather Taan's Gun Shop. A bustling center of business and recreational activities, the CrossWind Saloon was a large, wooden two-story building that was owned by Daralla Errine. Its main floor had a bar, and the card game sabacc was played by several of the Saloon's patrons at a corner table. The establishment was visited by members of various species, including Humans and Jawas, and had Klatooinian bouncers. Cather Taan's Gun Shop was a small building with no windows and a single door. The store was operated by Cather Taan and offered a large variety of weapons for purchase.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Seregar was created for the West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game adventure "Seregar Turnabout," written by Christopher John Parks and published in the 1997 sourcebook No Disintegrations.[2] The Seregar system, and therefore the planet itself, was placed in grid square U-9 by the 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas.[3]


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