Sengar Turnabout was an adventure for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, which appeared in the sourcebook No Disintegrations.

Plot SummaryEdit

A group of bounty hunters are approached by an old acquaintance Jerik Snivas on Kwenn Space Station. He tells them of a new contract on Tern Ashandrik posted by TaggeCo because he raided several of their mining facilities. Jerik learned he was hiding out on Seregar and offers to delay the posting so the heroes can get the jump on the contract for a percentage of the reward. When the group accepts, they travel to Seregar and investigate various rumors and leads to find Tern's hiding place. During their inquires, they partner with a Twi'lek bounty hunter named Lliandri. She joins them for a final confrontation at an old abandoned refinery west of Storrd Township where it's revealed that it's a double-cross and she was actually working with Tern to collect a bounty that was posted on the heroes themselves. They have to fight their way out or surrender and accept their fate.



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